Welcome to the StrongFirst forum!


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Great site!!

I looking forward to all the knowledge which will be shared here!

Great to be here!

All the best from germany,




Steve Freides

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Hello, everyone - great to be here.


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Awesome job ~ very excited to Cert again!  Lots to learn from the best in the business!  Congrats to everyone who made this possible :)


Dan Cenidoza

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The name, philosophy and mission are brilliant.  Be STRONG FIRST.  I love that.  Well done.

Matt McBryde

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Just scanned my certificates and emailed them over.  Thanks to the SF crew and the effort put into building this!

Andrea U-Shi Chang

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Looking forward to making STRONG happen...!

Andrea U-Shi Chang
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Change is a MUST! Congratulations Pavel and the Strong First Team! Looking forward to working with you all in future!  The website is sweet!!!



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Incredible site!  The amount of work that's been accomplished here in such a short amount of time is just amazing.  I've learned much over the past decade from many here and am thankful to have such a resource.

Cheers to strength!


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Strength in all its forms has been a way of life for me for as long as I can remember! I feel honored to be a part of a community like this!



Rhuben Williams

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