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Kai Johnson

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Hello everyone. Long time member of the DD forums and (just very recently expired) former RKC.

Looking forward to what I hope is a more focused and open minded forum.


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I will say for various reasons I held off the RKC certification. I started doing kettlebells in late 2001 with Wes Wright here in Tulsa. I got in the best shape of my life. The strongest I have ever been was when I combined the bells with a PTTP program on a rotational basis.  I was 211lbs at 5'8" and 15% bodyfat even.  I have never been leaner and bigger at the same time.

Due to a change in my life I should be able after the first of the year to start getting certified and finally back on path to training people as well as start teaching Martial Arts again. I am really glad I found this site.



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Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am new to the forum and look forward to the information shared and passed along on here. I am new to kettlebells and this type of training. I have been using kbells since the end of January of this year and enjoy working out with them. It is a new challenge and something I want to master. I am still undecided, but am contemplating the StrongFirst level 1 certification that will be held in the woodlands, tx. I live just outside of Houston so the idea has been on my mind since I have found out about it. I look forward to learning more from all you comrades.

Take care,

Eric Grimsley


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Just wanted to say that I am happy to see this new site and forum. I look forward to seeing some workshops in the Seattle area! The StrongFirst curriculum looks exciting.


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Caught in traffic and here I am.


Taikei Matsushita, Tokyo Japan.


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Very glad to see this forum up and looking solid already.  I have read and enjoyed articles from many of the recognizable names posting here for years.  And I look forward to learning much more in the years to come.
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