What’s your heaviest get up?


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40kg at 64kg body weight. I could do 5 reps per arm on the minute on a good day but I haven't been practising them for a while.

My current max bench press is 90kg (198lbs) and my max deadlift is 120kg (264lbs) at a body weight of 67kg (147½lbs).

Kyle Kowalczuk

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Bodyweight 173 lb, Heaviest get-up 36kg, squat/bench/deadlift 1RMs in lbs are 260/155/315.

Interesting idea of the get-up and bench being related as it definitely wasn't my experience. I did heavy get-ups for a few years even up to the 36kg, and couldn't bench press more than 80 lbs until I started training it.

Incidentally am visiting my uncle, and was just telling him and demonstrating what a "Turkish Get-Up" is. He commented, "It sounds like something you wear." ROFL
Impressive numbers you have there. Interestingly enough, if I fail on bench I fail very high. Near lockout. I’ve had multiple AC separations in both shoulders. Could have something to do with the dynamic stabilization that the TGU is so great at when it comes to the shoulder joint and my bench press performance.

Lol, I guess you could be wearing the TGU if you really mess up

Kyle Kowalczuk

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I agree with your theory, months ago, I was able to do TGU with my 41kg friend at 69kg BW. My elbows are hyperextenting naturally, so my leverage was great. But my pressing power just sucks, my 1RM was 20kg in that time.
Wow yeah. I work with some people that are hypermobile. They are great in TGUs and carries but when it comes to grinds they struggle a bit.

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I can see where there can be some carryover between TGU and forms of pressing in some people.

Not trying to open a can of worms here, but I put TGU practitioners in 2 categories. People who can lock their elbow out past center (in hyperextension), and people who can't. I've seen some small people do some pretty impressive loads on the TGU who could get their elbow locked out past center (they look a little double jointed). Don't get me wrong, its still impressive, because the TGU demands total body tension.

For group of people who can't lock out past center, they have to activate their triceps way more, and TGU's become more of an effort. But, I believe this disadvantage turns into an advantage when it comes to tricep development & carryover to pressing.

I have no scientific evidence. This is only my opinion from observation.
I would agree. Their hypermobile elbows also allow them to keep the lever arms throughout the movement favorable. I’m one of those that are tight and feel a lot of tension at lockout which is probly why my press and TGU are relatively close compared to others.


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20kg, but just started being able to do the complete movement with this weight in the last few weeks after working on it in stages eg: roll to elbow till comfortable. Definitely would not do 5r/5l in 10 min but could at 16kg. Bodyweight 70kg, female. No barbell work.


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Three or four years ago I was doing S&S and got to where I was bringing 40 kilos into the mix for my TGU's. I did a few with 44 kilos because that was the heaviest they had at the gym. I don't know if I could have done one with 48 kilos or not. Bodyweight at the time was around 150-155 pounds.

Kyle Kowalczuk

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60kg performed a few years ago
Exciting and impressive! I can think of 2 other people who have a max bent press and max TGU that are the same weight including myself. Have you found that a max bent press and max TGU to be the same or close to be typical in many cases?


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Very impressive to be able to handle the time under tension that 2 TGUs require with the beast.
It's nice that you think so. I'm not sure it's a great feat considering my height and weight though. Also, it is quite challenging so I've only done it a few times. The plan of course is to eventually do S&S only with the 48. At the moment I only do S&S with the 40.

I've never properly trained for heavy deadlifts or presses, and I'm starting to want to do something with these moves if only just to see what happens if I get strong at them. I do deadlift singles with a mere 370lbs and the heaviest I've pressed one arm is the 40kg kettlebell.


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40 kg few years back. Never achieved Simple time standards, but did regularly all swings and get-ups @31 kg weight back then.


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Bodyweight 235#.

I work with the 48 for TGUs (alternate with the 40), but don't have anything heavier to "max" with. I figure, the day I do a solid set of 5x1 x side with the 48, my reward will be to go buy a 56. Figure I'm still at least half a year from that.

DL max 445#- hopefully higher now, find out in May...

I don't bench press, but I can comment that it doesn't seem like my TGU correlates well to pressing strength. A year or so back I stopped pressing for a while to focus on more S&S. At the time I could press the 32 for 3, and was working towards Simple. My TGU went up nicely in months that followed, hit simple and got all the way to doing the whole session with the 40. But when I retested my press it had dropped pretty significantly - getting 1 with the 32 was tough. So... my experience was that increasing the TGU didn't even maintain press strength. To press a lot, I have to press a lot.


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My TGU PR is 44 kg. I haven't done it in a while now since I injured my elbow back in December. I was at a weight of 185 lbs at the time.

My best barbell deadlift was 315 lbs for 5 reps. I haven't tried a 1 rep max.
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