What’s your heaviest get up?

Bret S.

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44k, BW 82k, no barbell stats, don't use them anymore. Don't think I'll attempt heavier.. but who knows..?..? given a reason.


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Bodyweight.... ~160lbs

Getup..... regularly use the 106lb, never had the opportunity to try higher (and honestly this is “good enough” for me).

One arm Swing.....working on the 88lb

Deadlift.....275lbs then I ran out of weights

Bench and squat I have no idea. But I’ll echo @Anna C that my getup doesn’t seem to do much for pressing. I think I have benched 155lbs before. If I was to start ROP tomorrow, my 8-10rm bell for pressing would be about 35-45lbs.

Brett Jones

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Exciting and impressive! I can think of 2 other people who have a max bent press and max TGU that are the same weight including myself. Have you found that a max bent press and max TGU to be the same or close to be typical in many cases?
I've never pushed either lift to a max so I'm not sure.
I suspect the "fewer moving parts" of the Bent Press vs. the Get-up might put the Bent Press higher for some.


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Body weight around 90kg
Get up - 1RM 44 kg - so around half my body weight. I am not able to fully extend my right elbow (issue i have since birth) so I can relate to the elbow debate. 5 Get Ups with 40kg with my right are around 9 RPE, around 7-8 RPE with left. For comparison my best MP is 36kg (both right and left) and 40kg Bent Press (right).

Before i started training with kettlebells (approximately 4 years ago) my best lifts were 180kg deadlift, 120kg bench press, 120kg front squat at 120kg bodyweight.
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