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Off-Topic What actually do help vs bad posture caused by too much pressing?


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Honestly, it's almost only pushups and incline push ups, haven't done much OHP/front raises at all. I was probably a bit hunched forward before I started to train as well. I really thought training my back would solve it, cause everyone said "row, row, row" so now surely I must be stronger in my back than my chest. Last time I rowed 30kg with the one bent over row for 6 reps and I would guess that my bench would be something similar 60kg~ for some reps.
I think I should probably just stop working out my back now and focus on squats, band pull aparts and stretches
That was a pretty helpful information. I was already wondering sth. like „huh? Clean and Press has rather helped opening my shoulders.“, but now it makes more sense for me ^^


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In my experience, horizontal pressing can tighten up your pecs, resulting in a constricted chest and a hunched forward posture you've described. I cannot recommend the chest opening drill from Pavel's Relax into Stretch enough - it quickly fixes that issue and actually improves your horizontal pressing strength. If that doesn't help, try other drills from RIS.
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