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I'm slowly working towards three strength goals:

1) pressing 20kg 1 rep with each arm - which is 40% of my bodyweight (finally hit 16kg for 2 reps each yesterday).
2) TGU with 24kg
3) Deadlifting 1.5x bodyweight - I actually deadlifted a barbell for the first time ever yesterday (1x bodyweight for 5 reps X 5 sets)...so this is a work in progress.

Kai Johnson

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I had to restart these after my hip replacement a few years ago but I'm finally back on track.

405lb deadlift. I should have this early next year.

Press the 36kg or 40kg bell each side. I might already have the 36kg press as I can hit at least 5 each side with the 32. I should have these next year sometimes also.

315lb backsquat for 5 reps and doing at least 15 reps with 225lbs. Next year for sure...hopefully by summer.

Once I get all the strength goals solidly under my belt I plan on moving back into some more endurance stuff. But you know....strong first.



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My highest focus is to re-hab my left shoulder and ankle.   All of my life I have been very resiliant to injury, any that I had, I was quick to bounce back from.  But, now these two injuries have been slow to fully recover from.

Squat mobility has always been an issue and the ankle injury has been a huge setback there.

My best ever press (pre-injury) was 40kg about 4 days after the RKC.   I now have re-built to reps with  32kg.   Of course the goal is to rep with the Beast.

Also, I have taken to weighted pull-ups.  Right now with a 16kg hanging off the foot.  I plan to stick with it until I'm pulling with the Beast attached to my waist.


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Currently working towards pressing the 32kg bell. One each side I would be happy with. Set this as my goal to hit by christmas. At the time my shoulders were pretty badly knackered up, didn't start pressing again until May and it was with 16 kg :( I will hit this, i'm determined.

Pretty new to the strong game and working with adding weight to my pull ups, best yet is 16kg for reps.

Pistols.... building the reps slowly

Follow my path on twitter @PaulMunby

Karen Smith

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Heal thru Holidays :) (NON-training related issues)

2013 Goals:

2x BW DL and 1x BW Press

OAPU for reps R/L

Dbl24kg C&J

:)  return to gymnastics


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I am currently working towards

10 x pullups

10 pistols each leg

press a 20kg KB

100 snatches in 5mins with 16kg KB

I am also trying to slowly lose 8-10kg which will hopefully make my pullups achievable.

Am I trying to do too many things at once?

I am using the ROP program with a 16kg KB for presses and snatches  and 20kg for swings. I then GTG Pistols alternating just bodyweight and holding a 16kg KB.


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Before the new year I would like to:

press 40kg on both sides.
Front squat a pair of 40kg for 5 reps.
A TGU with 48kg on both sides.
All this at 145 or below BW (weigh 142 today)

After new year I will be entering my first power-lifting competion in May and want to get 3x BW DL, 2.5-3xBW back , 2x BW bench.


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I am doing ROTK with the goal of pressing double beasts.

I will be interested to see how this program impacts my DL, pull-ups and front squats.

Pressing to a hand stand and pistols with no counter balance are my bodyweight goals.

kodo kb

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Current Goals:

32kg Press; make my bent press pretty (and then heavy); get fit for my sport (ultimate frisbee) by doing lots and lots and lots swings.


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bending really thick steel bars, holding back 2 airplanes trying to take off in opposite directions, body weight bent press

yeah I know I'm shooting really high but hey, low goals are too easy


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Hey guys,

I know it's not a "introduce yourself" topic, so just shortly I'm Gergely from Hungary. I have been training for 10+ years although the beauty of training with kettlebells got me only a few years ago.

Now to chime in this topic--> Since I have injured my ankle last summer my main focus is around getting back the ankle mobility as well as the symmetry in different exercises. I have to be able to evenly (or close to that) load my hips/legs on both sides again. But my long term goal is of course getting strong. Otherwise my current goals are:

Master the one-arm chin

Master the "naked" pistol and one-arm pushup

Start barbell deadlifts again

Get back to VFF running

Get SF certified later on


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One Arm / 75% BW Chin, closing the CoC 2.5 Gripper and finishing another 50K trail run/race.


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I am currently working on a personal project...just to see if it's possible for me.  I would like to accomplish all of these feats within the same week.

1.  Run under a 5 minute mile (This is something I have not done since I was in college.  At 18 I was a 4:10 miler. I stopped running competitive many years ago)

2.  Deadlift 2.5 x bodyweight

3.  Clean and Press 1/2 BW kettlebell (36kg)

4.  Military press bodyweight


Gary Music

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Hitting double squat, clean, swing and press with the beasts.  Hit my next PR on the one arm stacked press at 52 kgs.
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