What Are You Working On?


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I want to continue moving everything forward but a strict 250lb overhead press is the only goal I've put a definitive number on right now.

Oh and to buy a yoke/ss bar.


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Pressing 1/2 my bodyweight with one arm (75lbs)

100 snatches with the 24kg

I'll hit the first before the second.


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I'm working on a 1/2 body weight kb press.

And a 1 armed pushup.

I'm shooting for both before the SFG cert in Salt Lake City in May, I won't be attending but I would've been if I didn't get my wife pregnant with our 5th and due on the 20th of May.


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Currently I am working at cursing you geoff.  :)  The Reason? Currently not working on a specific goal and tried express ultra olad 3.2. Did the front squat workout with double 24 kg KB's and my legs are a hurting unit, especially when on stairs, Nice when running behind my 1 and almost 3 year old sons hahaha. (these 20 minute workouts fits perfect in my schedule, although I want to add a bit of bwe and bulgarian bag to the menu. From january on it will be conditioning focus again as the annual tests are coming again).













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I started your Express Ultra program yesterday, and chose #42 to start with ( I feel great today), and once I complete that program I think it will be OLAD 3.2. A longer term goal for me is pressing double 40kg bells.

brian d

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Hi everyone.  Like all of you, I must say I'm happy to be here.  You might know me from some other forums as booksbikesbeer, but life has moved on somewhat, and I have decided to go with a more simple, brian d.

Currently working on: ROP with my 24kg bell, am somewhat comfortably at 5 x 1,2,3,4.

Future goals: Complete ROP as written, deadlift 2x my bodyweight, and gain about 10 pounds of muscle (I'm currently a very lean 6'1", 165 lbs).

Not as strong as many here, but I know that means I can just learn so much from all of you.


brian d


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Right now working on kbell presses, swings, and snatches. I have also gotten back under the bench press. It's been years. I am also working on my hip flexibility. Found Jon Engum's breakingmuscle blog post and have followed the stretches there. Really would like to get flexible for high kicks and splits!


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right now I am working on completing the BEAST TAMER CHALLENGE with TWO BEASTS. Training is going ok. Pistol is grooving(32x2+20lb vest). I already have a BEAST press for reps (2 hands/2 bells) JUST started working on the stacked press  (106+25)R/(88+35)R/L. Pull up is ROUGH to say the least (currently @ BW+106+20) BW= 240

Here is a link to my channel with some of my training clips.





Rob Lawrence

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Some awesome goals! I recently hit two short-term goals of mine as I ramp back up on the kettlebell lifts. The first was simply to get back to 200 reps in the SSST. My PR (which is ancient) is 217 ... I did exactly 200 two weeks ago without too much strain. My other goal was to complete the ETK press ladder with 28kg - 150 reps total or 75 per arm, which I did in September.

So, time to set some new goals. I will study the thread for inspiration.



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Just totaled 640kg at my first Powerlifting meet.  Qualified for Nationals in March.  I'd like to get my bench up to 350, squat to 470, and deadlift 660 for the competition.  I've also started to work on single arm chins.  I love OHP as well, I PR'd with 225, I want 250 next.


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amazing goals everyone has! wow!

Im currently working towards a 2x bodyweight deadlift and full pistols both sides, 5 strict pullups and increasing my pressing power. Would love to put on about 5 lbs of muscle.


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After successfully completing the RKC II I've come to realize how much more mobility work I need.  Also determined to decrease overall bodyweight in order to facilitate SF Bodyweight Skills while maintaining SFG II KB strength levels as much as possible.  At 51, I still refuse to consider myself in the "Master's" category.  Will continue to use the higher numbers as long as possible.


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Getting back into the swing of things... Will be working on the basics for kettlebell (single and double bells) pushing for 24kg or 32kg by end of next year. Also will be going for One Arm Push/Pull up and Pistols(BW only but if I can make it to weighted hurray)


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After one and a half years without a kettlebell around, I am in a template similar to the ROP with a 24kg. Taking it easy on the C&P because of my shoulders, but doing the pullups with it anchored to a foot and loaded pistols too. Feels great to be back!!..

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