What Are You Working On?


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I compete in Olympic lifting as a master(85kg); my current total is 201(92 and 109). I want to lift 100 and 125 at 2013 masters nationals in March.


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Barbell Overhead Press and Squat.

Barbell Overhead Press: my weakest lift (even it is my "main" lift.

Squat: Haven't done much since I started working out at home.  Now I have a power rack at home and not doing martial arts anymore, squat is the answer.


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I just finished Geoff Neupert's 6 week "The Fundamentals Circuit" program.  This is a fantastic program for hikers!  The muscles around my knees have never been stronger and I no longer have any pain in my knee joints when I squat.

Steve Freides

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Steve Knapstein - how are you?  Great to see you here.  An over-bodyweight snatch - no mean feat, congratulations.


Doug Nepodal

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I have been bitten by the rock climbing bug (again).  So I have been using KB's to combat the stresses placed on the body from climbing.  The list of exercises consists of the following exercises to keep me balanced.

Heavy swings, presses (single and double), get ups, squats (goblet and DFS) handstands and Primal Move

Goal: lead climb 5.12



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My goal now is to comfortably and correctly clean and press the 24kg KB. Practicing the press a lot now and especially looking at technique.

And doing swings to lose unwanted fat and gain some conditioning. Main goal is strength.


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Half bodyweight Press

1 Arm 1 Leg push up

Working to perform my technique better every time and to have better teaching skills.

Mike Sousa

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I am designing my very first program that I hope to be published. I am going to start in the beginning of the year and It will not be for the faint of heart. That is all I will say at this point but as I progress through the program I will reveal some more details. But the plan is to make you have massive gains in your major movement patterns.

Sebastien Vachon-Gravel

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Getting my strength back from pre-illness status after my, by what it seems, yearly work hard and crash routine - depressing, lol.

But seriously, I think what I have to work on is my mindset - some who know me can attest to that - and treating myself as another client and not superman in regards to program planning. My mind is my weakest link, really - especially under pressure (happy SF has Judd's work on kindle, I've been looking for one of his books for ever with no luck).

Park Ranger

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Prepare for SFG Level 1 in March.

Pull-up ladders to deal with my biggest deficency.

Having Karen Smith as a guide and mentor - this goal is complete.

Mike Lindner SFG II

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My brother and I are going for the following goals in 2013:

ETK and ROP with 24 kg's and strict perfect form the whole time
12 Weeks KB Muscle
RTK program
SGF I certified by end of 2013.

Getting strong and enjoying every grind and ballistic along the way.


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Some of these are short term, some pretty long term. Current in parenthesis:

1-Arm Chin Up (BW+100lbs)

5 1-Arm Push Up (2L/3R)

100 KB Snatches in 5 Minutes (?)

500m Row in 1:25 (1:29)

Beast Tamer Challenge (?)
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