What happened during summer?


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Hi all,
hope you are fine :)
After my holidays and a pretty nice summer, wearing only short pants or loose trousers, I wore my favourite jeans again since weeks. They still fit and I am pretty sure I did not gain weight (kept an eye on diet during the last 6 weeks), but they felt a bit thighter. Muscles?
Besides gaining strength I can see muscles - quads, shoulders...and a more rounded butt.
Wishfull thinking or possible after 6 week of consequent kb practice?
Today is first cheat day after 6 weeks of "clean" eating to take a break and get through the next 6 week cycle. Had some awsome chocolate caramel from Australia :) which I can only get once a year.
What about you? Cheating? Special foods? New muscles? Next cycle? Taking off some days and re-starting any workout plans?
g. :)
What was your summer like?


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I quit drinking and not coincidentally pressed the half-bodyweight bell (40kg) thanks to a solid year or so of progress on the barbell press.


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Gergirl, 6 weeks are enough to see some muscle. Power to you!
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