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Kettlebell What is A+A and how can I find out more?

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Ive been reading on the forums that some of you use or do A+A with your kettlebells. I havent been able to find anything to read up on what it all about but would I be right in thinking its sort of like endurance stuff? Is it possible for you to share some good sources? Im fairly new to kb training and dabble with them for about 20 minutes following a run...

Harald Motz

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A(lactic)+A(erobic) are the acronyms. In the continuum of energy systems (another article) we do the Alactic work repeats predominantly fuelled by depletion of ATP/Creatinphosphat Pool with using high power exercises like (heavy) swings, snatches, clean & jerks... which rely on this energy pathway because of its high power output. To minimise the use of anaerobic clycolysis which can lead to Lactat build up that hinders power output, we keep the repetitions low, depending on the exercise and weight used around 3-7 reps (a set lasting around 10 se. +/- 5sec.).

The other, probably more important component of the A+A equation is the Aerobic rest. It is nothing more or less, than after a powerful repeat to just breathe in and out through the nose deeply doing a bit of fast and loose swinging of arms and shaking, or just a bit of walking for a few paces. The task is to just recovering enough to the point where breathing is settled, to be strong and powerful again for the next repeat and every rep. A hr monitor and monitoring breathing are very helpful tools to be guided through recovery. Fatigue is not the aim, high power output, mastery and recovery are.

To begin with one has to have a solid strong technique of the chosen exercise. When doing repeats for five for instance a good rule of thumb for weight selection would be a weight one could move around ten times strongly. 5r x 12repeats to 5r x 36, 2-4 times a week, waving the volume up and down from session to session and week to week.

A+A is about building up high volume of relatively heavy power ballistics which builds up strength, power capacity, some endurance, recovering ability and the art to auto-regulate.

You can find out more with having a longer view of some months to be getting into practice and finding your zone.


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Thanks Harald. I just read the article that you shared. It gave me a good understanding ☺
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Steve Freides

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@Pinkninja, try searching the web site for articles - there are several, and they're very informative. If you use Google to search, adding

will limit your results to just our site. Try phrases like "A+A" or "alactic" or "glycolytic" and similar, e.g., make your search look like this:


You can even restrict your search to just the forum by adding "/community" to the end of the site name.

The built-in search on our web site gives very high priority to recent results over past results, so sometimes things that are very relevant but not very new don't appear here. Generally speaking, I use Google and not any search built into either the forum or the web site to do my searching here.

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