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I was just wondering what does everyone here do for their diet? Do you try and pursue something very different or just eat whatever?

I personally believe very much in the saying that you can't out train a bad diet!


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I eat whatever.

I still try to eat a "paleo diet" most of the time though. Not to be confused with low-carb which is something else.

Fruit, veggies, starch, with some nuts, meat, healthy fats. Avoid refined carbs, oils, processed foods, etc.

Common sense stuff.


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Typical day.

Breakfast porridge with full fat milk.

Dinner four rounds of tuna with brown bread and some some mayo on the tuna. Chocalate bar and 500ml favoured water.

Tea could vary. Usually some white meat,  carbs , veg.twice a week red meat. Yogurt.

Slow release protein shake with milk before I go bed.

I try work on the principle 3 meals a day, two snacks a day. If extra protein is needed ill have an extra shake. I usually have the bedtime shake as muscles rebuild when one sleeps as thats when growth hormone release and prepare happens.

If I need more food ill eat more. Least one day a week ill treat myself to a very high fat meal. My diet could be better and in the past its being insanely anal, just not got the time or desire or that now. Its good enough to give me the fuel I need and meet my demands.



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Bacon and eggs, coffee with lots of cream. Fish oil (liquid).


Steak, potato, butter and fruit.


Steak, chops or chicken, veg and potatoes,  butter, cheese, fruit, nuts.


Sometimes a glass of whole milk post workout.


Sometimes greek yogurt and berries as a late snack.


brian d

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My typical day:

Breakfast is 5 scrambled egg with cheese, 1 piece ezekial bread smothered in peanut butter, banana

Throughout the work day I will eat almonds, apple(s), leftover veggies from the night before, chicken breast, lunch meat.

Afternoon protein shake.

A couple beers around happy hour.

Lots of meat and veggies for dinner.  If I am particularly hungry or had a tough workout, I might add a potato.


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greek yogurt with fruit, English Muffin and egg sandwich

instant ramen bowl(hot&spicy or teriyaki beef yakisoba)

diet frozen dinner

a cup of juice randomly during the day(V8 fruit fusion, apple juice, or OJ)

lots of water

not the healthiest but its helping me get used to smaller portions and lose weight


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most of the time: top sirloin with garlic butter sauce, green veggies. (yep, that's it)

cheat meals: anything and everything.

adherence varies from 95/5 to 70/30 depending on training goals, motivation, etc...



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Weston A Price principles, Warrior Diet pattern, personal customization -- raw milk & glucose.  No industrial poison. Coffee & wine for hedonism.


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Cooked garlic almost every night in a slow-cooker.  Nutritious & idiot-proof way to cook spices, sea salt, tomato, coconut milk, butter, gelatin, rice, salmon.


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Cuckoo for coconuts!  Sally Fallon & Mary Enig's "Eat Fat, Lose Fat", Bruce Fife's "Coconut Oil Miracle"

For some strange reason I digest canned coconut milk but not pure coconut oil.  Hard to believe, but saturated fat is good for you and makes you lean.  Other good sources are grassfed butter, and palm oil.  OK choices are lard and extra virgin olive oil.  Omega-3s are easy to overdose, but cod liver oil is good not just for fats, but vitamins A & D.  No corn oil, canola, safflower, soy; rancid and unstable to begin with.  Worst of all is partially hydrogenated or trans fat.  Do you know what cellulite is?  Unsaturated fat.  Chew on that!


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I am about a month into the Slow Carb Diet that I learnt about from Tim Ferris.


6 days: three to four meals of beans/lentils, veggies, meat each day

1 day: one delicious complete off day that he calls Dieters Gone Wild Day.

I like it especially keeping things simple during the week and then having the freedom to go off plan in a big way one day a week.  I am strict on it now but when I am in my goal body fat range I will allow some flexibility.


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" corn oil, canola, safflower, soy "

All of that is GMO by the way and that is something that I work hard to avoid. I don't trust GMO food by any means! I've read and watched too many things to say that its just a ticking time bomb!


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I do avoid it.  The only GMO source I eat is corn dextrose, and I hope it's so refined to pure glucose that the bad proteins are gone.

Really, exercise is a personal choice, but eating poison is always a bad idea for everybody.


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Interestingly enough Russia recently banned the importation of GMO corn into their country and I say good for them!
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