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Primal Blueprint/Whole 30 Diet. I take cheat days when I need them, but have found that I feel better with no grains in my diet, but am OK with Dairy and starches. Lots of Beef and Salmon for protein and fat, and lots of Coconut milk and oil. No Soy or Seed oils.



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I want to hear Pavel's diet :)   is it pickled tomatos, I had a friend from Ukraine he had picked tomatos in his fridge :)


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" I want to hear Pavel’s diet     is it pickled tomatos, I had a friend from Ukraine he had picked tomatos in his fridge  "

Pavel is on a strict diet of steel and iron.


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I have entered a transformation contest and have been following the belly off diet from mens health.  It is very common sense but I like to have a plan to follow such as shopping lists for the week and meals etc.

Steve Freides

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Good eating starts with being ready, willing, and able to prepare at least some of your own food.  If you don't cook for yourself yet, I have a two-ingredient biscuit recipe, including a gluten-free option, that I talk about on this recent Facebook post:



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I try to stay as natural and organic as I can so I buy most from the health food stores. Now I do an 80/20 though where the weekends I will eat a nice hamburger or pizza. I just try to keep the portions smaller and really think about how much I need to eat vs how much I WANT to eat.

I avoid these no matter what though.. High Fructose Corn Syrup,GMO Corn/soy(sometimes if you are out that is hard..)

I try not to eat a lot of sugar.

Started at around 300 lbs with weak strength and 44" pants. Now 219 lbs ,strong and with 34" pants.

So it is working for me.


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I'm not sure if this is still accurate, I recall Pavel posting his diet a long time ago.

Something along the lines of two larger meals a day, one in the morning, one in the evening.

It is always interesting to hear how much variety everyone has and that it all can work.


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I avoid processed foods as much as I can (usually 90% of the time), and I never eat beef or seafood.  Pretty much everything else is fair game though, with as much emphasis on plants as possible.  I never count calories, I just try make calories count.


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Low carb; my sweet tooth is the bane of me, so I give in sometimes. My main meals mostly consist of steaks. :)

I was also on the Slow Carb Diet (Tim Ferris) for a while - visible results in the least amount of time, tbh.


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Some of you guys must have quite the workout for as much as you eat!!


depending on how hungry I am: protein shake, banana, and 2 cups of bulletproof coffee or a single scrambled egg on whole wheat english muffin with a small amount of cheese and some fruit.

snack: low fat greek yogurt and some nuts/trail mix or low fat cottage cheese.

Lunch: ham or turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread with a small amount of cheese. banana or greek yogurt.

snack: carrots with humice or greek yogurt, nuts.

Dinner: pretty much whatever… my wife prepares my evening meals typically so I just eat whatever we have. Usually consists of a protein and vegetables. If its more unhealthy(pizza, Chinese food, other take-out, etc) I try to keep my portions small.


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I start my day with 2-3 cups of coffee. This is what I have till noon. Than I eat one big meal: 6 whole eggs, 3-4 cups of raw veggies with olive oil, oats and whey, fish oil and vitamin D. After training session (around 7 pm) I have second big meal: 2 bananas, 500g steak/chicken/salmon, 100g of brown rice, veggies, 1-2 liters of whole milk, whey and ZMA.


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I get as much protein and fiber as I can and let the rest sort itself out. Oh, and fish oil pills.


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Whole milk, whole eggs (can't stand it when people just eat the whites...), beef, bacon, venison, fish, butter, olives, almonds, bread, pasta, vegetables and some fruit.

To the tune of about 3,500 calories per day, on average.
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