Other/Mixed What is the only thing everyone can agree on when it comes to training?

Other strength modalities (e.g., Clubs), mixed strength modalities (e.g., combined kettlebell and barbell), other goals (flexibility)
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Maine-ah KB

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eat food? as general concept?

Nah the breatharians (people who only consume air) wouldn't go for that.;)

the hansenator

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I think there is a place for unsustainable consistency.
I would argue that would be part of a larger plan that you should be able to continue following.

Unsustainable consistency to me means you keep injuring yourself and have to stop, or you're trying to do something that doesn't fit in your schedule/lifestyle/budget/circumstances so you can't sustain it.

North Coast Miller

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To me, unsustainable consistency implies I'm periodizing at an intensity level I won't be able to keep up for more than a couple of weeks.


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I'd suggest that we should all be able to agree that if you try and follow everything you get nothing. An adaptation response is complex, and the body needs to make many tradeoffs. Stick to the corners of the parameter space that work. Setting up tent in the middle of those places usually doesn't get you the best of all, but none of any.


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so far we haven't agreed on anything, not even one thing ROFL
the only thing we agree on then is "we agree on nothing"?


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Where's Buddha when you need him? Maybe we can all agree that we are what we did yesterday and will be what we do today. Deep man!

Deleted member 5559

Perhaps we can agree there's many paths up the mountain? People have gotten in great shape doing a great variety of things after all. Although work hard and consistency seems to be a pretty common theme.
+1 I'm on board with that.


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Ah, there would be so much less senseless arguing if everyone in fitness actually agreed with that wonderful insight. Glad to be part of a community from all sorts of training backgrounds :)


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^ The Gallagher-Coan-Karwoski philosophy holds the exact opposite sentiment and has had good results (understatement haha). Hansenator's "many paths up the mountain" is very good, and there'd be so much less needless argument if this was more clearly seen.

Bill Been

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Frequency trumps intensity.

Not unless you're using the bastardized definition of "Intensity" that the Crossfitters love where it means slopping through a metric crap ton of reps of whatever in the least amount of time. Which is not the correct definition of Intensity.
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