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Kettlebell What is your favorite Lat Stretch?

Denys Carthusian

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I inadvertently dove down a YouTube rabbit hole when I went looking for alternative lat stretches. So, in the interest of providing raw material for a future poll, what are your favorite Lat Stretches?
I call it a prayer stretch, but its not like I see normally. The video below is the closest I found. If you walk your hands a little to the right side so that your left shoulder is roughly in the middle of your hips, anchor your hands, and then push into the left shoulder. Great stretch. Come back to the middle for a few breaths, then go for the other side.

One of my favorites is kettlebell arm bar but focusing on the BOTTOM arm. Relax and let the weight press you into the floor, opening the bottom shoulder.

I also love these stretches hanging on a rack:

Getting some DOMs after doing pull ups for the first time in about a year. I've been hanging as part of my post-workout routine for lat stretching. After watching this I realized all my lat stretching has been bilateral. I tried the doorway stretch and I Iike it, so I'll go with this and the ring stretches.

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I like to hang with only a few fingers on one hand. This gives you some of the benefit of the more obviously single side, focused, lat stretches.

I grab something with my hand, then push back with my butt until I feel the stretch, then rotate towards the stretched arm. I like all hand positions, underhand, neutral, overhand, but underhand may typically feel like the best.
Found another Tom Morrison stretch that I like. Hits the lats nicely - sometimes I feel like it loosens my lats more, compared to the ring stretches, even though the stretch is not as intense. Well suited for practicing on breaks during your work day, because you can do it anywhere there's a wall.

I was wondering how long the stretches should be held as different schools advise different times - GMB likes 25-30 second holds, Mark Wildman says you should do at least 120 seconds, etc. Found the answer - from Tom's perspective - here. I like the simplicity of "until you feel a difference". I'm treating "difference" as any increase in ROM/looseness, even if it's very slight.

I use that one from Relax into Stretch where you hold onto a post and hinge back away from it. I use it almost every time I'm in the gym.

But also nobody has ever looked at my stretches and said "wow, so much flexibility!". So do with that what you will.
It’s a QL stretch, but I love how it feels in my lats. To be fair, I could totally be doing it wrong and feel it in my lat when I shouldn’t.

I like to hang from a pull-up bar that isn’t high enough. I turn to the side with the side of foot on the floor so my body makes like a C shape and I can feel everything on that side get a good stretch.

I also like the one that @silveraw mentioned above, I can do it in a doorway at home.
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