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Knowing how much better I’m going to feel after a daily training session is my motivation. I have arthritis and refuse to take pain medicine so my training is my medicine. It takes awhile to get warmed up but afterwards I feel so much better. My end goal is to be able to do for myself in my golden years and not be reliant on others.


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I need to stay capable to do my job without getting hurt.

Beyond that, I want to stay healthy and look good for my wife as we age so we can enjoy our years together.

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Ibuprofen.... Lots and lots of ibuprofen... Just kidding...

The Process: I love to set a goal, develop a plan (or use a plan that's been developed for me), execute the plan, and then see the goal get accomplished.

I especially love it when I am doing reps with a fairly heavy weight, and recall that just a couple months/years ago that this was my max weight.


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I just love lifting. There's nothing like it. There are many ways how it works. At first, during training, it feels great, must be endorphins and so. The training is also good for my mental side as well, I often have nice social interactions there, I get to do something totally different from my otherwise sedentary life, I get to spend time alone and I also get in a zen-like state while training, so it's a way of meditation for me. After training my body just feels better. On a longer scale, it's healthy for me. The improved strength also helps me in the physical challenges of my normal life, like cycling or yardwork or whatever.

I think the most important part for me personally is how I love lifting while training. It's something to get addicted to.

I do also have training goals that make my training more effective for reaching those goals. But the goals are just for the lifting.

TLDR: Pure enjoyment of the thing itself. "Muscle joy"?


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Doctors keep me going.

They've told me I'd never walk again twice and when they saw I was walking they refused all access to physio therapy and told me to never lift anything heavier than 12 kg for the rest of my life. .

I do it to spite the bastards. I know they don't care either way but in my mind I'm proving them wrong.


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Being healthy, strong and learn all I can learn about my body and spirit: how they go together, mastering my move, being "here and now". To a certain extent, what keeps me going is the pleasure

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Having seen myself get out of shape before - knowing that doing the things that I enjoy will be a lot easier if I am strong and well conditioned.

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What started me was wanting to end my 30s healthier than I ended my 20s. I’m 31 now, and am much healthier now than going into age 30.

I want to maintain my ability to do a 24kg getup on both sides on any given day for as many remaining decades as I have. When I can’t do it, I’ll use 16kg. When I can’t do that, I’ll do it with a shoe. But the ability to get off the floor unassisted is critical to quality of life (and indeed could be life saving) in old age.

I also want to counteract the effects of sitting all day (office job) in a “minimum effective dose”, and have found kettlebell training to be the best tool for that.


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Basically health.
I want to live a very long life and still be capable of most things at the end of it.
The true goal is, to quote Al Ciampa "on my last day on this world I still want to be able to walk to the toilett, sit down, do the business, wipe and get back up all on my own".
Besides that I simply enjoy training.
It's also nice to get compliments about your physique or being the only one in a group who doesn't breath heavy after a long walk up a hill.
Once you have a couple of those experiences it's hard to stop :)


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I’m a lazy dude. I like sitting around playing video games, playing the guitar, sitting on my butt contemplating other ways to be a lazy bum. Getting motivated to train isn’t easy and never has been. Sometimes I decide “hey maybe it would be fun to throw some weights around” and I do just that. The great thing about weights is that they make up for a big chunk of my laziness. It’s an amusing balance and I don’t pretend to have crazy ambition towards performance but my new found love of training has definitely improved my well being physically and mentally.

So, health? I train because I’m compelled to and the result is a lot more beneficial compared to my all too often urges to pound down a bunch of chips and salsa. Iron doesn’t quite taste as good though, I’ll admit that.
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