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What kettlebell movement do YOU think works the most muscle groups?

I think you could make a strong case for a lot of moves, Snatch, Clean and Press, Clean and Jerk...


Clean and Thruster... do you need to do anything else? It is kind of the Chocolate, Peanuts and Caramel of exercises.
I’d say Clean and Jerk. Only because anyone who has a steady diet of clean and thrusters must be insane. Could you imagine the warrior-like physique and mental fortitude of someone who spent time doing these only on, say, a Giant 3.0 or 1.0 protocol for extended time? Yikes.
Its hard to pick but the way Im thinking today would be clean and jerk, bent press, and two hand swings.
My thinking is along the same lines just swapping dbkb front squats for swings. No real science, just what I've gauged over the last 15 years of kettlebell training for my goals...Time flies!
Very subjective I’m sure. Since primarily all movements almost work everything. I’m curious to see what movement you feel covers all areas. If we had to narrow it down I would say how about this:

What 2-3 movements would you do for the rest of your life with kettlebells and kettlebells only that give you the most bang for your Buck for fat loss, leaning out and great cardio?
Double Clean and Press (technically two exercises but it targets the upper body mostly with legs as a secondary) and Double Front Squat (which targets legs and core but also upper body). Notable mentions: Double Snatch, Double Clean & Jerk, Turkish Get Up.
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