What *should* I be able to do before starting S+S?


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I want to start S+S but have bad posture and a few niggling pains I have been seeing a physio for. Basically shoulder and low back pain reaulting from bad posture - too much time sitting, tight hip flexors, tight chest, inactive glutes etc. The physio has cleared me to do hinge movements etc as long as I continue to stretch hip flexors, itb, chest and do glute bridges, upper back retractions and 'clams'.

It seems to me that the S+S program fits in well with what I need to do since there is no pressing (physio said none of that at the moment) and since the getup and swing strengthen the muscles I need to develop.

I'm not just going to jump into starting the program I want to take it slowly and make sure I am moving correctly e.g. using glutes instead of lower back when hinging. I just don't know the best way to do this.

Are the hinge practice drills in S+S a good place to start since the physio has cleared me to do these and goblet squats?

I can't reach a bell off the floor and maintain a flat back either so I think I need more flexibility in this area. Is this a case of just keep trying to hinge back lower and lower over time maybe holding the bell at my chest for now, or am I better off dedicating time to stretching hamstrings or possibly both?

Thanks for any advice.

Shawn Reed

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S&S as prescribed warmups + Deadlifts w/ KB off box progressing to floor followed by Get Ups with a shoe on the fist for a few weeks will do wonders for you. Finish up with the stretches as recommended. Another good option would be to seek out a SFG instructor trained in the FMS for a screen and associated corrections.


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Thanks very much for the reply. This is pretty much exactly what I was thinking of doing.

How often do you think I should do these drills, tgu and KB DL practices? Daily?

Thanks again.

Shawn Reed

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As often as possible, while staying as fresh as possible... While varying the load regularly... I believe this great advice Pavel gave us many years ago...and it definitely still applies.


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Thanks for replies. I have tried to have a look at the four week program at the brea king muscle site herehttp://breakingmuscle.com/strength-conditioning/untying-the-4-knots-jon-engums-4-weeks-to-flexible-steel-program

But the actual program link doesn't work. Do you know where I could find it?


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Face the wall squats fixed these same problems for me. It took weeks to get it right, but after hundreds of reps, I learned how to hinge and how to use my glutes.

I also learned to lie on the floor with no pillow for my nap.

Now I do several lunges a day with a "proud" chest, and prying goblet squats.


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Steve - The link givig exercise desceiptions works but there's a link in that page to the actual workouts which doesn't work. I suppose it's not essential as I could guess reps/sets of the exercises listed. I would have prefered to see what he recommends though.

Fatuus - I've tried FTW squats before and I struggle to do these as a hinge. Should they be done with minimal knee is bend? As in hinge and push your butt out as far back as possible until your arms can drop down and reach a KB?

Steve Freides

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If you want to stretch the hamstrings, use minimal knee bend. This is what the article suggests.

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