Question What to add to S&S for sport specific preparation?


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Hi everybody,

I´m posting this question here as I have seen it come up in the forum quite often. The question is: What excercises can be added to S&S in order to target sport specific preparation? The idea is adding activities/excercises, but in a way that doesnt affect S&S eficiency and progress.

For instance: In march my football (Soccer) season will start, so Im thinking on going for a jog some afternoons, or playing a football match with friends (I do S&S in the morning). I think a light jog if kept aerobic can go fine with S&S.

Another one: In the coming southern spring (September) my kitesurf season will start. Kitesurf puts a great load on quads in an isostatic manner, you keep a knee-bent stance for several minutes under load. Probably similar to skiing. So I'm thinking on adding some more quadricep-targeted conditioning after S&S, such as doing a few sets of heavyish goblet squats, or maybe half-sitting isostatic holds with the back against the wall.

I guess a good answer could be: If you can wake up the next day fresh and ready for your S&S session, you are fine.

Any thoughts?


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It depends on what you aim for, effectively.

football (Soccer) season will start
I would go for running (both on MAF pace and hill sprints)

kitesurf season will start.
I would go for pistols (or any kind of squats with relatively heavy load) and "wall chair", and also some core training (plank, HS sit ups / HLR)

In terms of programming, how many S&S sessions do you do ? How many soccer sessions do you do ? The same for kitesurf

Kind regards,



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Hi @pet', thanks for your suggestions, I´m doing 4 - 6 S&S sessions per week. Football would be 1 competitive match per week + 1 game with friends. About kitesurfing, it will probably be about twice a week.

Anyway, my question was aiming for a broader answer: If I have any specific sport I practice in an amateur manner, or any specific fitness goal (from dancing to achieving a handstand push up), how can I add a few specific excercises without affecting S&S training?

I think many of us are doing S&S for general fitness and conditioning, but also most of us practice a specific sport. I´ve read many times "stick to S&S at least until Simple is achieved", which I think its a great piece of advice that I will personally follow. So, how can I add a few sport-specific excercises/activities while keeping the goal of achieving Simple as the main goal?

As a rule of thumb I´m thinking that if I´m fresh the next day for my S&S session, then whatever I added to the program is fine. Another rule I´m planning to follow is to try to keep any other activity A+A.


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For soccer I would add technical practice plus playing with friends.

For kitesurfing what about playing with the Indoboard? It did wonders for my snowboarding.


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Don't do S&S on the same day as the sport, and you may also want to skip S&S on the day prior to playing the sport too, although over time try not to skip the day before.

This has been my experience.

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My guess would be to practice the sport itself.

If you want sport-specific exercises, consider a coach who has experience with your sport. For most people below an elite level, S&S plus playing their sport will be sufficient. Dial back the number of days you do S&S when your sport is in season.

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