Question What weight should I use for the warmup?

I am unsure what weight is most beneficial for the prying goblet squat and the halos.

The book does not state an exact weight or an recommendation other than "Pick up a light kettlebell ...".

What is light? Somewhere in the forum I read, the prying goblet squat should be done with your swing weight.

EDIT: Typo in the title, that should be "warm-up". Any way to correct that @Steve Freides?
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Shahaf Levin

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It depends. :)

The warm-up (I like the term "movement prep" better ) should facilitate the best swings & get-ups possible. That means perfect technique with load-you-can-feel (& time under tension). So don't go to heavy so technique start to deteriorate but not to light so it will not challenge your motor-control at all.

It might take a few sessions to find the sweet spot, but I think @pet' guideline numbers are a great place to start if your doing S&S with 24kg or higher, and maybe a 1/2 size down is your S&S weight is lower. For me dropping the weight of my armbars down from 20kg to 16kg was a great improvement.

Steve Freides

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EDIT: Typo in the title, that should be "warm-up". Any way to correct that @Steve Freides?
Title changed to "warmup" - as of this writing, both "warm-up" and "warmup" are considered correct English.

As to the weight, remember that this is a loaded mobility drill, not a strength training exercise per se. As you go heavier, I think you'll find you start to limit your range of motion to be able to control the weight better - I wouldn't go that heavy.


Michael Scott

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Great question. I do have a follow up to the answers provided. What if your TGU & Swing weights are different? People just starting with 2HS will have a heavier kettlebell than experienced kettlebell practitioners performing the 1HS. Thus, the get up and the swing weights will be different.

For example. I am swinging a 24 kg kettlebell with two hands, and working towards the 16 kg for all five sets of get ups. Which weight would I halve for my warm ups of halos & goblet squats?


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@Michael Scott
Sure 24 will be too heavy IMO.
I would try 16 and 20 and see the one I am the most comfortable (perfect form, ROM and potential fatigue (you are not supposed to be tired at all after the WU)).

Instinctively, I'd go for 16

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Michael Scott

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Great answer, thank you @Shahaf Levin. I am currently using the 12 kg kettlebell. I will eventually step up to the 16 kg, but that step in my journey towards Simple hasn't been taken yet.

I meant half KB size (4kg) if you GU less than 24kg, but half the weight will probably work better when you work with heavy weights.

As @pet' and @Steve Freides said, it's loaded mobility. Let your ROM and freshness levels dictate the load, err on the side of less.


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I'm currently training with a 32. I used to attempt to do the prying goblet squats with curls with my 24 but have recently found that the goblet squats are actually more beneficial for me with a 16. I focus on squeezing the handle of the bell to warm up my hands and prying as deeply as possible into the squat. This has saved me energy that I can devote to stronger swings and get ups.


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This is a great thread, I'm currently working 1HS with (Kg)12, 16, 16, 16, 12 and the same split for get ups.

I was using the 'same weight as swings' philosophy, and doing GS at 16k, but yesterday I did 12, 16, 12 for the sets, a closer match to my swing weights, but as I posted in another thread, I feel like my warm up is not 'short enough' as others. I may opt for 12, 12, 12 today to compress the time.


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I don't have issues with my operated knee yet. But if I wan't to play on a safer side and leave goblet squats out. Is that okay? I would do Banded Olympic Wall Squats for mobility to a comfort level.


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I need KBs for two exercises in my warmup: Goblet Squats & Single Leg Deadlift
For the GS I started out with the 16Kg and went down to the 12. The goal is to go to the 8 and then bodyweight only, because I'm one of those people who need the counterweight for a better squat and so I try to reach that form without a weight.
For the SLDL I use a 16, 5 slow reps per side.


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To stay safe, I would use then a combination of bodyweight moves: Slow motion 2 legs squats, single leg deadlifts, eventually some back bridges.

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