What would a bodyweight Program Minimum look like?

Steve Freides

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Credit @Karen Smith for 15-25 reps, 3x/week.

There are many ways to work it. My general recommendation would be three different variations, 15 reps are with a harder version and the 25 reps with an easier version. E.g., with a 5RM variation, 3 reps x 5 sets = 15 reps, and with a 10RM variation, 5 reps x 5 sets = 25 reps. One could decouple the resistance level and the volume for an even better training effect after doing a bit of PlanStrong-type math.



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...Otherwise, you can also do 'EMOM' protocol, using only hard variations. For instance, 1 OAP right, 1 OAP left, 1 pistol right, 1 pistol left, then rest until the minute is done, then repeat for 15, 20, 30 minutes...

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Thanks @pet'. I just tried this, instead of S&S to rest my strained lower back. I did 1 OAP progression on each side emom and 1 pistol progression on each side emom for 20 minutes. I might carry on doing this for a while 2-3 times a week.

I just read about someone here doing density training, so I might try doing that i.e. once this gets easer then do 2 reps emom for 10 min, then 3 reps emom for 6min, etc.
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Jak Nieuwenhuis

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Program Minimum..

standing cross crawls / marching



... cross crawls done for 1 session of 10 minutes per day or multiple sets throughout the day.. kind of hard to overdo with those
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Look up technical stand ups, that's what my coach calls them anyway.

Excellent choice as much of the movement is reminiscent of the Turkish getup
Looks great and practical and yeah getup-like. Seems to come from BJJ or Judo.
often paired with falling drills it seems.

Dan John mentions simply getting up and down as effective cardio, and it is also a staple of soccer and football conditioning.


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Got to Free Kettlebell Workouts & Calisthenics Routines by Aleks Salkin, SFG and either hit him an e-mail (up left) or sign up for the "free report" - there should be a somewhat spammy popup which doesn't look very SF'ish, but that's just the cover. Aleks has a knack for mainstream fitness titles ("The most overlooked exercises for hard-rock abs") but he is legit :D
I am in week 3 of this program after completing Simple from S&S. I would highly recommend it , quick at only 20 min time a day. Great to be working on some sort of pull now (kb rows at first, now flexed arm hangs/active dead hangs and bodyweight rows), and something else I have learned....crawling, especially when using the stages of knees off the ground, is not as easy as it looks ! And it's good to keep some swings and getups in there too!
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