What WTH effects have you experienced from S&S/Kettlebell training in general?

Discussion in 'Kettlebell' started by Harry Westgate, Mar 30, 2016.

  1. TravisDirks

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    Great to hear this. I lost weight and had to start wearing my ring on the right. Good to hear I might get to switch back!
  2. Pavel Macek

    Pavel Macek More than 2500 posts Master Instructor

    I got more patient and consistent - in everything.
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  3. JamesO

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    Funny that you say that. I was thinking about the question this morning when I was out with our dog. Yesterday was my weightlifting workout. Our gym got a new bar and some bumpers earlier this month, and I've been enjoying practicing some weightlifting for the first time in about two years. Two years ago I was all about hitting a heavy single. Yesterday, hitting lifts with great technique is what got me excited.
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  4. leo

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    My favorite WTH moment occurred when I did a 6 week LCCJ cycle a couple years back. I was doing that plus running several times per week to prepare for my semi annual Navy PRT. I aced the PRT, but that's not the most exciting part. Towards the end of those 6 weeks I decided to test my deadlift. I hit a PR of 385 where before it was stuck at 325, at a body weight of 140. And this was during an "endurance" phase without having done any DL work. Pretty awesome.
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  5. FatCop

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    Kettlebell training in general; I notice some carry over to hill sprints believe it or not. They feel more effortless.
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  6. King Cobra Fit

    King Cobra Fit Matt - CSEP-CPT, SFG I, FMS I&II Certified Instructor

    I'll share mine as well as my Girlfriends WTH. for the last few years we have been training almost exclusively with KB's. Me S&S for about 6-7 months then ROP for 6-7 Months and now training for GS. She has been training a combo for Hard style and GS with more of a focus on GS as of late.
    She had a goal to Deadlift 200# last year but after not deadlifting more than a handfull of times last year she had kinda written that goal off. Untill we were at the gym Dec 27th last year. she deadlifted 215#! (she's 5'2 and weights 125#). She inspired me to get over the bar and I PR'd my deadlift with 325#. No deadlifting all year and bam! she then went on to deadlift 230# a month later.
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  7. conor78

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    Through 2015 I had used S and S hit simple goal and was doing bits of pieces with m arts etc. Felt really great after simple and went into double KB work using KB strong and lately Shock and Awe.
    I have returned to incorporating the barbell this year and my first week back to the barbell and I was benching bodyweight and deadlifting double bodyweight. I have always found benching the weakest of my basic lifts. At 38 I have no interest chasing numbers much beyond that. See plenty of guys my age thrashed through heavy metcon programs or through running 60 miles a week. Never felt better and I attribute that to my KB training and in particular S and S..
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  8. TomS

    TomS Second Post

    Is this a normal WTF effect?

    I've had 15 training sessions since March 11; so 5 weeks. Basically I train 3-5 days a week but had flu a few weeks back and missed over a week. Today, I noticed something that seems very significant. But is it the new normal?

    Before today- 10x10 swings would take 18 minutes on a fast day and 25 minutes on a slow day (2-3 minutes active rest between sets to catch breath and feel ready). However, today, suddenly, I felt very strong and did 10x10 in 9 minutes.

    I had been practicing controlled breathing from S&S and today it was much easier. Today, after a few controlled breaths between sets, I was ready to start the next set instead of an active rest. It's been over 3 hours and I feel great. It was an energy giver.

    Is it usual to see such a sudden, dramatic change?
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  9. Gassyndrome

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    I don't know if it is 'usual' but it is totally badass. WTH indeed!
  10. Anna C

    Anna C More than 5000 posts Certified Instructor

    Nice job, Tom! Strong days happen sometimes. Might be the new normal; you'll know as you continue your practice. The good thing is that you were tuned in enough to notice the difference, and capitalize on it without compromising being ready to start the next set. That's a key part of the practice!
  11. D-Rock

    D-Rock Triple-Digit Post Count

    I have not done Simple and Sinister, but @TomS this caught my attention and reminded me of a recent experience. When training farmer's carries, I would go to slight fatigue/being winded, then take plenty rest before repeating. After about 2 weeks of getting about the same distance before fatigue, my distance spontaneously increased about 50 feet. It was a sudden dramatic change. The new ability seemed to stick around and be "normal" for subsequent sessions.

    I think dramatic improvements do happen when training appropriately and working with your body instead of against it.
  12. Pavel Macek

    Pavel Macek More than 2500 posts Master Instructor

    A Summary of my S&S Transfer Tests

    - I am on S&S since September 2015
    - currently doing one hand swings with 48, get-ups with 40
    - current bodyweight 68 kg

    I have tested various skills I don't practice, curious to see if I can maintain reasonably good level of strength and conditioning in them even if I don't practice them at all. Here are the skills I have tested:

    - 5x5 pistols and 5x5 one arm pushups, on time (I have never done similar test before) - 16 minutes
    - one arm one leg pushup, 1 rep left & right - check
    - hand stand pushups max (never done max test before) - 14 reps
    - strict tactical pullups max - 16 reps (previous PR 24 reps)
    - kettlebell military press - 36 kg (previous PR 36)
    - kettlebell bent press - 48 kg (previous PR 44)
    - barbell deadlift - 160 kg (previous PR 165 kg). Both no belt.
    - snatch test - 100 reps with 24 in 5 minutes - check (I did 20-20-rest-15-15-rest-10-10-rest-5-5-finish)

    Summary: Happy. I am going to continue with S&S - it would be nice to be the lightest guy to meet the Sinister standards. I have started to work on an article called In-between Simple & Sinister with some useful tips for everybody following the same program.

    For details, progressions, and tips please check out my training log here on the forum (link is in the signature).
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  13. Rayhzel

    Rayhzel Triple-Digit Post Count

    1H Swings with a beast at that BW is damn impressive:eek:
  14. Pavel Macek

    Pavel Macek More than 2500 posts Master Instructor

    @Rayhzel To be honest, it is much easier than I would think few months ago. I am confident I will move to 56 kg bell in next few months. Interesting thing is that my swing didn't progress very fast in the beginning, but later much faster than my get-up.
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  15. Paul_Cole9

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    Insane strength, Pavel M.
  16. Pavel Macek

    Pavel Macek More than 2500 posts Master Instructor

    @Paul_Cole9 There are MUCH stronger people out there, Paul, but thank you. I am neither very strong in any of the modalities (barbell, kettlebell, bodyweight), nor weak in any of them.
  17. Rayhzel

    Rayhzel Triple-Digit Post Count

    It's all about being the best possible version of yourself
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  18. Geoff Chafe

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    One of my mantras. I only compete with myself.
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  19. paths92

    paths92 Double-Digit Post Count

    I couldn't progress past deadlifting 315x2 and I did only Simple and Sinister, no deadlifts, and after a month (August 2014) I deadlifted 355x1 and my buddy who was with me said it looked easy and I probably had another 10 pounds in me but I left it at that.
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  20. Harald Motz

    Harald Motz Quadruple-Digit Post Count Certified Instructor

    @Pavel Macek :
    Just some math for myself:
    That's heavy. Really heavy.

    As always: great dedication, great action, great results and great aspiration.

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