What WTH effects have you experienced from S&S/Kettlebell training in general?


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In December 2015 I started training for OHPU by doing assisted OHPU. Was really far away from doing it: trying anything that was not assisted, was resulting with my face on the floor immediately after unlocking the elbow. After few days I have dropped the whole thing because I have discovered ETK. I have been doing ETK PM and RoP training since then, recently switched from 16kg to 24kg.

So, last week I was watching Rocky IV with my brother and during training scene I have decided to test how is my OHPU and first time in my life I have managed to do it! Only right arm, but left one felt really, really close. Felt awesome!

Chorus: Getting stronger! ;)


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Kinda had a WTH moment at work today. I'm a delivery guy for a major pkg/freight/air delivery company. I deal with odd shaped and heavy pkgs daily.

Today I had three twin bunk bed frames going to a second floor apartment. Each box was roughly 8' long and 100 pounds. I humped all three up the stairs shouldered back to back without even losing my wind.

Kinda reminds me of that story of the bodybuilder vs. marathoner carrying those delicious kegs of Russian imperial stout up the stairs.


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Is this a normal WTF effect?

I've had 15 training sessions since March 11; so 5 weeks. Basically I train 3-5 days a week but had flu a few weeks back and missed over a week. Today, I noticed something that seems very significant. But is it the new normal?

Before today- 10x10 swings would take 18 minutes on a fast day and 25 minutes on a slow day (2-3 minutes active rest between sets to catch breath and feel ready). However, today, suddenly, I felt very strong and did 10x10 in 9 minutes.

I had been practicing controlled breathing from S&S and today it was much easier. Today, after a few controlled breaths between sets, I was ready to start the next set instead of an active rest. It's been over 3 hours and I feel great. It was an energy giver.

Is it usual to see such a sudden, dramatic change?
Seems to be the new norm...did it 3 more times, stronger each time. ...So ...I threw in 6 sets of 1H Swings. Still completed in same time frame but not real crisp. However, I did reach new heights of respect for the bell, the swing and those who master it.

Stuart Elliott

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Another S&S wthI haven't done pressups for few years since injuring my shoulder with a body weight HITT programme. Anyway last night our cricket coach barked 10 pressups during a fielding drill. Feeling energetic I pumped out 10 explosive clapping pressups and felt I could have kept going. I was shocked as I found these difficult to do explosively in the past but last night I was getting a float !

Harry Westgate

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@Pavel Macek honestly, if I can ever get to the level you're at now, I'll be happy! Especially being at a similar weight to yourself (give or take 70kg at present). Keep up the outstanding work!

John Worcester

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Another benefit today; I realized my grip strength has substantially improved, at my job we have to install or remove cannon plugs from different avionics components, before I would have to use "bitch grips" (cannon plug pliers) now 95% of the time I can remove with my bare hands with no issues. Also I'm the envy of my co workers as they ask me to remove their plugs they cannot get..... Guess both a blessing and a curse as it were! Something so simple but has made my everyday work easier and made me more productive.

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something that I noticed last night as I was out for a walk in the park. I was walking down an uneven down slope and rather than playfully running down the slope to hid that fact that I was out of control and hoping to "catch" myself at the bottom like I used to do and notice other people do in similar situations. I walked down totally under control, each step was deliberate and strong. it was very obvious when I was able to stop and not run out into traffic on the street below the hill hahaha. strength in everyday situations, such a good WTH


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I noticed a few things from doing S&S and doubles work.

The swings gave me a surprising amount of endurance when it came to moving house.

The get ups made it much easier to climb over walls and to scale high sand dunes while carrying small children and dogs. The extra shoulder mobility from the get ups and presses means I can now sleep in the "don't shoot" position (arms over head) like a child for the first time in decades.

Doing double KB cleans and holding the rack position has made it easy to lift my oldest child out of my bed where he falls asleep each night and put him on the top bunk in his room.

Doing heavy double KB front squats has made me rip the a#@ out of several pairs of trousers.


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Been a while since anyone posted here, but I had to share my weekend. I hauled 7.5 tons of landscape rock by wheelbarrow on Saturday and Sunday. I only had about two hours of work left on Sunday, but I went to bed wondering if I'd be able to stand up in the morning. I felt as good as ever when I awoke! I thought for sure my lower back would be sore after shoveling all that rock. I was pretty happy since I spend my workweek behind a desk. I can't imagine doing that kind of work every day though, I'd be able to eat like a teenager again for sure.


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My WTH effect:

Last year two friends and I decided to partake in an Iron Viking run. For those that don't know, an obstacle run over marathon distance. Personally I had good plans for my preparation, but I never got around to it. The amount of running was never what I desired it to be. It was one the reason I decided to take change and run with Scott Iardella's KB Domination program (good stuff). After that ended I still had a few weeks to focus on a bit of running, except I got hurt with an overtraining achilles tendon. Which took some time recover, having me sit it out until the day of the Iron Viking (yesterday). From a cardio standpoint I completed it relatively easy. Sure everything hurts now, but all three of us were able to complete it. All I had these last couple of weeks. All I had was my strength training :)

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Haven't practiced pistols in a few months and haven't even thought about the one arm push up in about a year.....been training C&J, TGU's mostly lately. Decided to get back into GTG with pistons (OAPU) and pistols after S&S yesterday......did 6 pistons and 4 pistols......! WTH, I haven't even done more than 100 regular push ups total this year!


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I did not do any trail running to train for a 4 mile obstacle course race and I finished 1 minute faster than last year. Last year I was trail running to train for the event. This year I started S+S in January and do a little weight training on my lunch break. At the end of the course I felt like I should have pushed a little harder. The obstacles were much easier to complete this time around.


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@Steve Freides - It's good to learn something new. As I'm sure you can guess the musical talent skipped me in the family. Upright I guess. Still very heavy.

My family were less impressed when I mentioned that I had some furniture sliders at home (that I use for practicing front splits as reccomended in Flexible Steel) and had neglected to bring them.
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