What's been working for me/ Advice on what to do when forced to do other workouts


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Here's what has I've been doing

Bulgarian method for the low-bar squat with zercher-squats every 4th day, and bench-presses with clean and strict press every 4th day. Along with that, I've been doing standard pttp for pull-ups and pttp cycles for barbell curls. The curls are done for 1 set of 8. I'm also doing decline weighted sit-ups for 2 sets of 8-10 every 2 or 3 days and side bends for sets of 8 to 10 every 2 or 3 days. It's been working great. I've put on a lot of weight while staying pretty lean, and I'm hitting prs everywhere.

Now the problem:
I applied to work at this gym and they got back to me. They said I have to do their classes as the first step in the interview process. So, it's kind of like a crossfit type of thing. They do boot camp style workouts, and they do a lot of freeweight/bodyweight stuff. Lots of muscle endurance. They want me to do their workouts for a week or so.

What should I do with my current workouts to maintain or improve?
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Chances are, that your strength and other capacities will last for quite a while. Look at these residual training effects (RTE):

Issurin 2008 - Block Periodization.JPG

If they expect you to follow the course for more than three weeks, add some Easy Strength training to it. (10 reps per lift daily, never struggle!)

Take it as a block training detour :)


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If you want to work there, you must play their game. But as long as you're doing something, you will lose very little, if anything. It might be a nice detour where you discover something new.

@Anna C where did you find that chart, it's fantastic!


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Pavel mentions the research from Issurin & Lustig in ROTK and tracing it back I have found this amazing review paper by Issurin on Researchgate

Well worth a read!
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