Question What's the purpose of nonstop swings?

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    Yes the 100 swings seems to be a forgotten part of if not S&S the program then at least the book. But I do "enjoy" them, and I suspect, that they will have a positive impact on my test days with 1h swings under 5 min, i.e. I hope that it will suck less.
    I have tested my 2h max continous swings with the 32kg, 50 reps, last 10 was on fumes. I have 10 tries to get it to 100 (I have set myself 100 S&S training sessions, goes 4 regular Practise days (either EMOM or just by feel), 1 Test day, 4 practise days and 1 All Out Swing day). So in 10 sessions I have 8 Practise days, 1 Test day and 1 All Out Swing day. 4-6 sessions a week. If I meet all Test days (and finish STRONGLY) and get to 100 2h swings with the 32kg, then I can move up in weight to the 40 (I have tested it, I can brute force both swings and TGU) or some other program (ROP/S&J). The idea is, to use Simple Standard to build a solid foundation, and I didn't feel that "only" getting to Simple (test) achieved that. I am hoping that my 100 sessions schema will do the "trick".
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    I agree - I think the non-stop swing efforts have a very positive impact on the 1H swings under 5 minutes.

    A few notes on 2H swings - it may be harder to get a full inhale because both arms are forward, constraining the chest somewhat. Also, there's no break for the grip. So, you might consider allowing yourself to switch to some 1H swings during the set... but, your choice.

    I think your schedule sounds good!
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    ...yup I have noticed! Grip wasn't challenged, as far as I could tell, but legs and breath were suffering.

    edit: and thanks for the feedback.
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    That is quite the solid plan. I look forward to seeing your progression in your log, which I am headed over to read now.....:D

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    This entire thread points aspects of S&S that I have been neglecting. Time to test myself.

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