Which Kettlebell To Buy


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Which kettlebell would you recommend me to buy (all 24kg)?


Context: I'd like to commit to S&S training until I reach timeless Simple. My current gym only has max 20kg KB. Today I've tried with 24kg in another gym and it was okay. So I'll have to buy my own.

But the 20kg kettlebell from my current gym in round on both sides, the handle isn't very high, so during Turkish get ups, my wrist is under a lot of stress.
The gym I went today to try 24kg had higher handle and one side of the kettlebell had a bit of a flatter surface, I found easier on the wrist.

Any insight from veteran KB enthusiasts?
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Michael Scott

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Personally, I use the Rogue kettlebells. I only have one that is not from Rogue, but from a local exercise equipment retail outlet. They are similar enough that I do not notice much of a difference between the two when working out with my kettlebells.

I would recommend that you use the one that feels the best in your hand. Honestly, that is the best measure for you to utilize. You would not use the 20 kg that feels awkward when another one could be used that feels better in your hand.


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