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I'm into crossfit for about 2 years now, but is want to incorporate kettlebell training when i'm not going to my crossfit gym.

Already have some good understanding of the movements and i'm no beginner anymore, i do train mostly with the 24kg and 32kg for heavy swings.

TGU with the 20kg if i recall correctly.

Pavel's book is looking solid so i want to give it a try, but i have no idea which bells i need to buy to start en keep me going for the first few months.

Also, do i have to buy them in pairs or are all exercises single handed ?

Thanks in advance, really looking forward in getting into this game!

Paul Sellers

Level 6 Valued Member
Davy, there is sound advice on which bells to buy within the S&S book. As for pairs - you do not need pairs - S&S is done with a single bell, although it might be one size for swings and another for TGU depending on your strength in both movements. The goal is to perform both movements with the same sized bell eventually. Hope this helps.

brian d

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The next few times you head to your crossfit gym, you should do a few get ups before you do your normal workout.  Try some different weights and see what feels right for spending some time on.

Based on what you've described of yourself, my guess would be that you could get a lot of mileage out of just purchasing a 24kg.  The swings might be a tad on the easier side and the get ups just a tad on the difficult side, but it'd probably be about right.  And if you're training hard a couple other days a week, this is a much safer size to get than the 32.

But if you enjoy it, you'll find yourself adding a 32 in the not too distant future.


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I agree with Brian d. 24 sounds about right for you and is a good size to have anyway. Work your way up to the 32 and if you have the itch later on to start doing doubles (rather than buy a 40 if continuing S&S), add another 24 and you're golden for another year or so.


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I'll start with the 24kg then and see how this goes in the next few months.

I tought that would be the safest bet to buy first but i wanted so hear from you guys, the more experienced people on the forum.

Big thanks go out to everyone for the input!
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