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Discussion in 'Other' started by Graham, Aug 15, 2019.

  1. Graham

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    Hi, I recently discovered Pavel on Tim Ferris's podcast and was impressed with the logic which brought me to this site.

    I used to be 235lb 2 years ago but with dieting/fasting I'm down to 180lb. The weight plateaued months ago so I tried running and found I enjoy it so will be carrying on for the love of it. I currently do around 15 miles a week but this may increase.

    I'm still fatty and have very little muscle under this soft exterior. I need advice on which training/book/course would suit my needs best. I'm 50 and 5'8" and would look a damn site better with 30lbs less fat and some muscle.

    Thanks in advance.
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  2. Maine-ah KB

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    What modalities do you have available? Bodyweight, Barbells and/or Kettlebells?
    If you have Kettlebells I would suggest the following. With your running schedule I would suggest Simple and Sinister until Simple standard is accomplished, from there either move to Quick and Dead or A+A. I imagine this would blend with your endurance activities well.

    If your Working with bodyweight, Naked Warrior is Excellent. there are many bodyweight plans out in the world but Karen Smith's plan here is a good start Surprise Yourself With Strength on This Bodyweight Training Plan | StrongFirst

    Barbells. so I have never followed a barbell plan, but If your in the Power to the People is popular. here are two articles on Strength training and running
    Barbell BDSM: the Secret Marathon Training and Recovery Strategy | StrongFirst
    Running Without Running: Training For A Half-Marathon When You Have A Full Schedule | StrongFirst

    Good Luck and welcome to the StrongFirst Forum
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  3. offwidth

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    I concur with @Maine-ah KB running and S&S are a solid combination.

    If you are new to KB's you might consider getting some instruction from a qualified SFG.
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  4. Graham

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    Brilliant.... very grateful for your time guys. I'll be buying my kb's this weekend and there's a couple of instructors about an hour away that I'll contact for guidance.
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  5. Bauer

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    Welcome @Graham
    Your plan sounds good!

    Just a bit of general advice. Start where you are. If mobility or joint stability are issues your will have a harder time starting with your KBs.

    Personally I have found Original Strength Resets (see for example An Introduction to Pressing RESET Video - Streaming via Vimeo | Original Strength ) to be of great value to restore good movement patterns, mobility, joint stability and general strength and endurance. Especially crawling every day for a total time of 3-7 minutes.

    This could be either a great introduction to strength training or an add-on. Just take your time to practice the movements (strength is a skill). Once you have laid the foundation the results will follow!

    "Simple and Sinister" is an extraordinary program with a multitude of benefits, be it body composition, endurance, strength, mobility, vitality or stamina.
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  6. Kozushi

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    Do not stop running! Nothing replaces it!

    For the rest, S&S is the one I have done and it has done and keeps doing wonders for me. It is more than just weight lifting or even just strength training, like running it is its own entire athletic event. You'll see when you buy the book and the kettlebells.
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  7. Jan

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    @Graham : Welcome to the forum :)
    My choise would be S&S.
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  8. Graham

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    Well I think that’s fairly unanimous!!! Thank you again everyone
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