Which protein powder is right?


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Running low on muscle milk powder (my normal protein powder). I've never really thought about trying something else, but I figure I might as well if I'm already getting more.

I'm looking for weight gain, strength increase, and mild size increase (I really don't care about my size, strength is my main concern). What is right for me? I've heard whey is good, but very expensive. Is it worth it?


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Whey is by no means expensive. It is about the cheapest quality protein supplement there is. It is well proven to work and it does it consistently.


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It's not all created equal, whey protein. I've been told that some like Muscle Tec contain fillers and binders. I don't have the smarts to explain what to look for, but I've been told Isogenics is a good one. I guess my point is do your research.


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It's not all created equal, whey protein. I've been told that some like Muscle Tec contain fillers and binders. I don't have the smarts to explain what to look for, but I've been told Isogenics is a good one. I guess my point is do your research.
Muscle milk is way down the list.

Top 10 Protein Supplements - Labdoor

I cycle through a few different brands. My all time favorite is Beverly Intl UMP cookies and creme. It's a casein/whey blend and one of the few that actually has the taste and consistency of a milkshake in plain water without a bunch of nonessential added ingredients.


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Or you could take a page out of Mr. Ciampa's book about protein...

Off width, is this AC's post of which you refer?
  1. aciampa
    I can see that @Steve Freides splitting this thread soon...

    We are still at the onset of what the training recommendations might be for training into the golden years. I agree with a lot of Dan's article, especially the blood letting, but I am not convinced of the need for specific hypertrophy training. The research reports the results of sedentary populations, not those already involved in resistance training and general exercise. Do not be afraid of sarcopenia if you are loading your chassis... period.

    Protein supps are snake oil, unless you are a burn victim lying in a hospital bed.

    Ill only be 46 soon, so you geezers can discount this child's opinion if you like ;]



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it's best to get quality protein in nutritious food, but I keep some unflavored whey isolate (IsoPure, i think) around to put in a shake when I don't have time or raw materials to make a proper meal. I don't like any other ingredients, especially artificial sweeteners or flavorings, etc. Easy to blend with fruit/veggie/spices to flavor. I didn't think Muscle Milk was a "protein" powder, but a powdered candy bar. haha Get nutritious food for the win.


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I use unflavored/unsweetened whey isolate and also plant protein complex both from NOW foods.

They will run out soon and I'm thinking about not buying more. They are so easy but I'm starting to lean towards more whole unprocessed foods.


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Look for something without artificial sweeteners. I think that's the most important thing. It is hard to find though.
You might want to give The Protein Works a shot. I am switching to that brand.

Geoff Chafe

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I thought all whey protein powders had artificial sweeteners now. I remember years ago when they did not quite have the formulations figured out they all tasted like crap. It was a real chore drinking funky tasting whey protein.

I use a whey isolate that's 35g of protein per scoop. When I see it at Costco on sale I buy a years worth. It is rarely on sale for $38/2kg.


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This question used to come up quite often when I was track cycling.

Our strength coach used to tell people if you get two different brands and you want to compare them then mix them into a paste and then butter some bricks with each mixture and stick them to a wall. The brick that sticks the longest will invariably come from the powder that will make you the strongest because only powders with double bonded cysteine will form an efficient bond. You absolutely must have a powder with double bonded cysteine for best results.

There was at least one person each year gullible enough to try it.

Every protein manufacturer will have some spiel backed by a myriad of scientifically researched propaganda to prove theirs is better than all the others. Good luck wading through all that BS to get to the truth. In cases like that research is little more than a marketing tool.

Just pick the one with sexiest half naked man on the tub. ;)

I prefer sexy women, so I only use womens protein powders because they have sexy women on the tubs.
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15 grams per serving for $1 a serving?

If so you got screwed.

Plus I highly doubt the first listed ingredient is whey isolate.
My bad I made a mistake, it's 30 grams per serving. Also the first ingredient is "Super whey protein blend (whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate)" not exactly the sole first ingredient, but it's part of it


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Picking good whey protein isn't really rocket science but common sense. I don't know how it is exactly outside Europe, but at least around here the packages have clear nutritional information and the price per kilograms is also displayed clearly.


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Please explain
Carl found the quote I was searching for. Thanks Carl. The gist of it is... Most people probably can get all their protein requirements from real and unprocessed foods. (Although I gotta admit I have dabbled with powders off and on over the years... More off these days)


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Per someone's recommendation I take Pulsin' Protein Isolate (available via amazon, i think it ships from Europe). Any general tips on how should I be taking daily? Thanks.
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