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Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by TravisS, Nov 9, 2016.

  1. Michael Scott

    Michael Scott Strong, Powerful Member of the Forum

    Glenmorangie, a 10 y.o. single malt was on sale last weekend, $10 off, so, my son & I tucked into it. Good drink, smooth, and it has a slightly sweet finish. I may just buy this again.
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  2. TravisS

    TravisS Helping Make Others Stronger

    My quick strength and whiskey story…

    My neighbor(single woman) asked me to help her unload a whiskey barrel she bought on vacation for a display piece… she said that she would go ask the other neighbor guy as well as the barrel weighed 130lbs… I told her I could handle it…. I unloaded her barrel with ease despite it being “heavy”, large, and awkward. As I set it down in her garage I noticed a sloshing noise like it had some liquid in it… not just a trace amount… like maybe a gallon. I told her how I was into whiskey and asked if I could dump it and see what the liquid looked like and if it was actually whiskey, water, or what. The stuff that came out was BLACK.... you would rather drink river water than what came out...

    After filtering it through 60 coffee filters(they kept plugging up)…. I’m happy to say I now have 3 bottles of barrel proof Jack Daniels. My buddy distills his own stuff so I had him test the alcohol content and it clocked in at 129.7 proof!! I’m not a huge JD fan but this stuff is amazing!!

    A few pics in this album
  3. TravisS

    TravisS Helping Make Others Stronger

    Had a couple more new ones last night(Irish). The Dubliner Bourbon Cask finished. Its non age stated but a minimum of 3 yr old. About $30 cost. It was pretty tasty with notes of honey and nuts. The second was Tullamore Dew 12 yr old. Aged in ex bourbon cask and Sherry barrels. Had notes of baking spice, red fruits, nuttiness, and a sweetness similar to honey but not quite sure. I think that one was around $45.
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  4. Franz Snideman

    Franz Snideman First Timer

    I too am a big fan of exploring whiskeys. I lean towards Scotch Whiskeys. Not a big fan of Peaty Scotches but I do own Lagavulin and Laphroaig. It's such a fun endeavor to try new Whiskeys and explore your palate.

    I prefer slightly sweeter but full bodied Whiskeys.

    Glennfidich 14 is my favorite. In fact I love almost all GlennFidich, especially the CASK collections you get in the Duty Free Stores.
  5. TravisS

    TravisS Helping Make Others Stronger

    I've only ever had glenfiddich 12. It was pretty good. Have not explored any others from that distillery. I enjoy all the glenmorangie line that I've had though.

    For not liking peat, lagavulin and laphroaig are heavy hitters in that category!
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  6. Murrey3

    Murrey3 Double-Digit Post Count

    Anyone like here 'Vodka or Black' for night drinks?
  7. North Coast Miller

    North Coast Miller Strong, Powerful Member of the Forum

    Had a chance to try some Bain's (South Africa) last weekend, pretty good stuff, smooth.
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  8. Glen

    Glen Strong Member of the Forum

    Managed to pick this up for £12.99 (about 17 dollars) - hopefully it's nice so I don't have to keep touching the blue label! IMG_20180914_115857.jpg
  9. TravisS

    TravisS Helping Make Others Stronger

    Its decent stuff.... for $17, I would say its worth it. If you like JW Blue, have you tried Talisker or Highland Park?
  10. Glen

    Glen Strong Member of the Forum

    Blue label felt wasn't all that for the money but at that price don't want to plough through it!!!

    Like talisker not had highland park. Like glenmorangie and quite like this one which was recommended to me

    Stronachie 10 Year Old 70cl - Majestic Wine
  11. Marc

    Marc Strong Member of the Forum

    Glenfiddich 12 is one of those fine spirits with which you cannot be wrong.
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  12. masa

    masa Strong, Powerful, Explosively Athletic Member of the Forum

    Having The Ardmore Legacy at the moment. It's ligtly peated and young, but I like it.
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  13. frederickk

    frederickk Double-Digit Post Count

    Whiskey is Irish. My favorite type of whiskey.
    Brands I like:
    Tullamore Dew
    The Wild Geese
    I drink whiskey neat, no ice or water. If you want to enhance the flavor add three drops of water.
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  14. Marc

    Marc Strong Member of the Forum

    Speaking of Irish Whyskey:
    Redbreast 12 y/o is one fine spirit. I can't recommend it enough.
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  15. TravisS

    TravisS Helping Make Others Stronger

    If you haven't tried the RB 12 cask strength version..... you need to... its miles ahead of the normal 12 yr in my opinion.
  16. Marc

    Marc Strong Member of the Forum

    Yes, I already tried it in a pub and you are right!
    The 40% was a present by my brother and is a fine spirit, too.

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