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Jason Paul

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Just curious, how many of you have added muscle on the PM?

If so, did you do it by the book, TGUs twice a week for five minutes, and swings twice a week for 12 minutes, on different days?

Or, did you combine TGUs and swings in the same workout? If so, how many days per week?

Did you tweak or add to the PM in any other way?



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Kept it pretty standard - day 1 swing, day 2 getup, day 3 rest, repeat

Yeah, I found a moderate level of hypertrophy across all my body - particularly the glutes and lats


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I did the combined. 2 days a week of TGU's first for 10 minutes and then Swings 10-12 minutes.

Did gain serious strength and definition. Not sure about mass but maybe in the shoulders and glutes.


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Glutes, Hammies, shoulders and back.  I don't like PM for the name of the program because its a program you can just stay on and is all you really need .

Jason Ginsberg

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Frank Mroz has said a mouthful here; that is real wisdom that often gets overlooked.

For the original poster: Get strong first. Keep eating a lot of good food, while getting stronger, and you will add muscle. It's a while before you really need to tweak any routine. As was said before, you'd probably benefit from just doing the program as written whole-heartedly, and getting to a 32, 40, or 48lg bell, then reevaluate.

Jason Paul

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Thanks for the replies so far.

Sounds like a bigger butt is almost guaranteed. :)

I was curious about this because I came across an old thread on another forum where someone posted that the PM (mainly the TGU) doesn't offer enough volume to build muscle. So, I thought I'd ask here.

I'm not looking to gain much, but I'd like a few pounds, along with more density and definition.

Thanks again, and additional comments are appreciated.

Jason Paul

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Jason Ginsberg - we posted at the same time. Thanks, and that is likely what I'll do.

I had worked up to the 24kg in the TGU, then moved "up" to the ROP when I broke my ankle about six weeks ago. When I get back to it, I'll probably start back on the PM with the 16kg. So yes, I've got a ways to go, and feel like I'm just on the tip of the iceberg.

At this point, I think the ROP is too much volume for me, and will take too much time. So, I think the PM is a better fit anyway. Besides, after a heart attack and this broken ankle in the past six months, plus getting older in general, I'm more interested in healthy movement. I'm beginning to think of the TGU (KS-Style) as almost a "Manly Yoga" that can build strength, stability, mobility, and maybe some size.

Thanks again.


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"someone posted that the PM (mainly the TGU) doesn’t offer enough volume to build muscle."

Jason, one set of eight reps in the BP takes about 30sec. Do the math.

And aim to use a heavier bell.


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When I went from 24 to 32 on the getups my friends noticed an immediapp difference in my appearance without me saying anything.


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I have gained 10 lean pounds on my modification of the PM.  Get ups 2/3 time a week and swings 2/3 time a week. Separate days.  I work both up to 20 minutes.  When I get there, I'll switch to one hand swings and add a press at the top of my get up.


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I run the program minimum at least 1-2 times a year and always make gains from it. I don't know about bigger but then if you are not as strong as you can be at whatever you weigh what is the point. I ran the last one with the 106lb and all I can say is it leaves a mark. But now I can perform a TGU on demand and it definitely carries over to pressing. Same for swings with the 106. You can't help but put on some mass if you work this program. I think most people don't give any program their due diligence. Pound away until you stall for a couple of weeks then reset and drive through it. Just depends on what your goals are.


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I have recently done a 12 week block of the PM and lost about 11lbs with a strict diet in the first 4 weeks then went back to a more relaxed diet with plenty of meat, fish, veg, fruit and milk and put on about 8lbs of muscle in 8weeks!

I have now moved onto startingstrength for a 12 weeks block (perhaps more than twelve if I don't stall and progress well) then I'm going to try the 10000 swing challenge.
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