Who is currently doing Naked Warrior and what do you think?


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Thank you guys !
Currently I am able to do 3 reps by set without exhaust myself, my goal is 5. After, I will looking for bring closer my feet, without twisting..


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I've been recently surprised at how much weight feet elevated pushups load onto you. I weighed it with my scale and it said 74 or 75 kg, and I weigh 100kg, so that's about 75% of my bodyweight as compared with regular pushups which are 70% of my bodyweight. It seems a paltry increase, but the angle of feet elevated pushups puts and keeps a lot more pressure on everything, so I suspect the benefit is much more than a mere 5% increase in weighted load.


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I agree with you, and I think this is because you remove a contact point, it increase instability and force you to push through your body centerline, which is much harder

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Hi Karen,

Could you assess my video of the OAOLPU ?

Thanks a lot !

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NICE - looks super solid! As long as the airborne foot does not touch the ground it would pass. I am not saying it did, just was hard to tell from the angle. But this looked super balanced and strong!
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