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I completed the "Simple" goals a few months ago but only a few days ago managed to get hold of a nice bulldog (40kg). That should keep me busy for a good 6 months.

Just wondering if there are any other people here who have moved up in weight like this and what your experiences are.

I find the one handed swings with the 40kg are a nice step up, and I can do them fine, though I'm just practising now and not concerned yet about timings.

One interesting thing I noticed is that the first day that I tried to implement 2x2 Get-ups with the new bell, it went fine (did the others with a 32), but when trying again the next day, I failed and almost dropped it on my head (this kettlebell is bigger than my head and my wife thinks I am crazy -- she has been upgraded to my spotter). That was a good warning for me to take it easy and not to rush it. Looks like I'll be using the 32kg for TGU's for a while still. I am assuming going up in weight has a cumulative effect too, i.e. one day you can be fine with it and the next day you are still recovering a bit. I am eating more so I guess my body is adapting.

The one handed swings with the heavier weight take it out on my forearms, and I also notice a difference in the Goblet squats (starting the TGU's less fresh). When I was taught the TGU initially my instructor told me off about the "broken arm position" and I can definitely see what he meant now! Seems like the weakest link at the moment is the way the bell rests on my wrist, it's quite brutal compared to the 32kg (which feels light now, nice side effect).

All in all, I'm very excited to keep going. I'm the boring lawyer type Pavel described in one of his books so this kind of programme suits me perfectly.


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I was for a bit. I am backing off per the advice of an SFG to work on my TGU form.

Yes, TGUs with the 40kg are really fun. I have not done many (most was 4 at once) but very challenging not to hyperextend the wrist.

Oddly enough, the 40kg I have is actually a different brand than my 32kg and rests a little higher on my forearm. I didn't have any bruising from moving up to it.


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I am using a 40kg for S&S and using the program 2 to 3 times a week (yeah, it's not 5 or 6 times a week like prescribed, but whatever).  Any more and you are right, the cumulative wear and tear gets to you.  I had a semi close call with it after I had been doing get ups for about 2 weeks.  Crush the handle and don't try to do the get up; only do it if you know you're gonna finish it.


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Yeah, the 40 is much more demanding. I worked it in to the TGU for up to 4 reps per side. I have backed off now and am using the 32 again. Next week I will add one rep per side with the 40 and stick with one rep much longer than before.  I was to focused on the end goal and not the process.


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it's funny, we are all different.  i can do the TGUs all day with the 40, get in 5 on each side without pause, nice and slow, accentuating each part - no problem.  but a single handed swing - no way - not a chance  - unless you consider a swing up to my knees an actual swing.  so i stick with the 32 for my single hand swings and mix in 2Handed with the 40 (even though i know I'm not supposed to).  at this point its hard for me to imagine 10x10 single handed swings with the 40 let alone the 48.  but i can do a get up with the beast now - so i keep visualizing that single handed swing with the 40 and know that some day it will come.


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Yesterday was my 5th time with the 40 on the TGU, incorporating one rep per side. I have to use both hands to press it, but I can do the remainder of the get-up perfectly fine. I think focusing on the negative will help the actual press...?

Now for the swings, I'm pretty far from the 40. I just made it to all 10 sets with the 32 and am at 8 minutes to complete them.


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I'm using the 40kg here too.  I started with the 20kg back in late November and have been consistently following the program 3-6 times per week.  The crux for me has been my left side on the TGU in the roll to elbow on the way up.  Everything else is solid.

I noticed that dropping back to the 32kg really let me focus on my form in all aspects of the movements.  I've even dropped back to the 24kg for a few session the week the clocks rolled forward in the US as I was a bit tired.  That really seemed to help and I made a huge leap afterwards.

Keep up the good work everyone!


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yes Lars .. thanks for your insight.  i was so amped about moving forward that i was definitely moving too fast.  i also realized that my single arm swing form was not entirely correct.  so i went back to my singles with the 24 and really worked on form and incorporated the 32 in for a few sets.  i was grabbing the bell in the middle of the handle, instead of setting up with my grip at the horn closest to my thumb, then allowing my hand and arm to swing back with my thumb leading the way and then twisting it on the swing up again with my thumb leading the way as i would a snatch.  this improvement has made a big difference as well as dropping the weight until the form is 100%.


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Here we are, 2 months later, thought to update this thread with my experience.

Done S&S with the 40kg for the last 2 months now, around 5-6 times a week with a week off here and there when travelling. Never used a stopwatch and just "practised", sometimes dropping back to the 32kg for the TGU, but for the last few weeks I've been using the bulldog exclusively.

I did my first "test" today and set the clock, and was pleased with my results: the 100 1-h swings completed in 4min25s, then took 1 minute break and went straight onto the TGU, which I completed in 7min02s. Went a bit quicker than usual, but didn't really have to push it so that's solid progress, I guess!

I can't keep buying new kettlebells so I'll just stick with the 40kg for now and aim for the above numbers on a regular basis. Another goal would be to maintain this strength but to drop some body fat, as I've been eating for strength and with the added muscle came some fat, so I need to clean up my diet a bit.

I might throw in some ROP style pressing sets a few times a week, we'll see.

Doug Descant

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When SS first came out, I progressed from the 32 to the 40 over a few months of diligent work. The day before I was about to achieve 40,40,40,40,40 for the swings and get ups, I tweaked my lt shoulder at work during a high rise fire fighting drill. I had to take a long  rehab break before just recently starting SS again. This time, I started w/ the 24 and am slowly progressing to the 28. Then on to the 32,36,40,48.

Starting much lighter has made a huge difference in reducing my lt shoulder pain and increasing it's strength. (its my strong arm btw). My goal is to keep at it till I reach the sinister goal w/ the 48. It will take some time, no doubt, but its a huge stress relief knowing that my training plan is set for the next 1-? years.

My advice to anyone starting this program.

1. Start out a bit  lighter than your pride is telling you. If I had, I may have built more resilient shoulders.

2. If you're wondering if you could tweak the program or add something to it, you're not in the right mindset to start SS and/or progress.

3. Make SS your foundation that you revisit more than any other program.


Michael Corrales

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Flying Pig-  Just re-reading your posts:

> I did my first “test” today and set the clock, and was pleased with my results: the 100 1-h swings completed in 4min25s, then took 1 minute break and went straight onto the TGU, which I completed in 7min02s.

WOW!  Really impressive.

Question for you...how has your body composition changed if at all?


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My body composition has changed as in I definitely packed on some muscle, but as I said I also gained some fat. This has nothing to do with the programme as I simply ate more than usual in the last few months and body composition is 90% what you eat. Initially after moving up to the 40kg I felt like my body just needed the extra energy and it's been hard to come back down as I'm naturally a big eater. My goal now is to get rid of the fat and keep the built up muscle (which definitely has increased).


Fair points, it is indeed important to take your time I think. I probably actually took a bit too much time with the 32kg and wasn't really making progress after reaching the simple goals, so working in the 40kg was long overdue for me. My shoulders feel very strong now and S&S will remain my foundation. Last year I went onto ROP too quickly and messed up my shoulder (too much, too soon, my own fault), so S&S is more idiot proof I think.


How are you getting on? Still on ROP or what are you up to these days?


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Hey FP, thanks for asking man... I've been doing 'KB Strong' since late 2013, spent 4 months with a pair of 20kg and now going through it with a pair of 24kg. Once this finishes in 4 weeks I'll be following the format laid out by Dan J in the recent blog post... i.e. S&S to simple goals -> ROP -> Total Tension x2

Once again, awesome progress mate and good to see your updates.
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