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Off-Topic Why Does This Forum Work?

Michael Scott

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I come in here almost every day. I get to read logs from a lot of people, seeing their programs & their progression. I get ideas from so many people and the vibe in here is always good. This is one of the best forums, period.


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I think most here are more educated & experienced, so more likely to be able to say "I know something, but realize I don't know everything." Many fitness forums have people who have only experienced Starting Strength, so anything else is moronic. Politics is no different. Economists aren't as divisive as average joes. Should taxes be cut? Just like your programming, its complicated & it depends.... I teach Government & Politics to high school kids in the rural American midwest & while they start the semester with many set opinions, once exposed to other views & the complexity of politics, they at least appreciate its not as simple as they once thought. Be respectful, be humble, teach what you know, learn what you don't and keep paddling together in the same direction. Well done SF Community!


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because there are nice people here, and there are people who told me that I'm wrong and have proofs for that.

But no, basing others opinions or make fun of it without and proof and logic is not right for me. Still remember when a Strongfirst instructor and few other members making fun of Christian Thibadeau's training method.
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