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Barbell Why Squatting Every Day Doesn't Work


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but does he go HARD every day?
I don't know. But when I read Bulgarian manual of Greg Nuckols -which about squatting everyday - doesn't recommend that either. You hit 1RM of that day and done (or do some back off sets if you wish). Front squat, zercher, pause squat variations are mentioned so you don't need to go really heavy. My point is you don't need to go THAT HARD.


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Tell that to Jocko (no days off
I appreciate Jocko's service and his hustle. However, for my personal taste, he's overcompensating. Anyone that tries out to be a Navy Seal is elite physically and mentally. The dropout rate is 74% So like professional athletes, they're a SELECT few. 99% of us are going to get injured or burn out.

Steve A

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I guess I'm out of the loop and focused too much on my own little training world bubble.

Does he advocate squatting heavy every day?
Don't know about his current program, but what he laid out in a book was a four day split that he rotates through, with one day for squat variations. And most of the programs in that book were well away from maxing out with low reps.
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