Why? Why not Anti-Glycolytic


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Heavy High Volume Boredom Tolerance Training...is Patience Development Training
These are fantastic. I fully acknowledge that my impatience is a limiting factor in my training, for both A+A and LED work. Still working on finding that point of peaceful engagement with the process. Maybe age will be kind to me in this regard; I'm certainly not as bad as I used to be...


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Is LED the same as LSD? Long, slow, distance training.
Yes... just like @Bret S said. For some people it is 'slow' but the point is it should be easy. For advanced endurance atheletes what many of us would consider easy is far from slow...
As one progresses obviously one desired outcome would be to increase speed at the same level of exertion.

They can be used interchangeably, it's also A bit of a mindset thing. A bit like having a strong arm, and a stronger arm... why would one want to consider themselves slow?
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