Why? Why? Why?


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Why is the SFG kettlebell course in Southern California (driving distance for me) scheduled for the same day as the Super Bowl?

Made even worse by the fact that my Seattle Seahawks are finally clicking at the end of the season and have a reasonable chance of making it to their third straight Super Bowl...


Why must you do this to me StrongFirst?


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Not a Carolina fan myself, but I believe they'll solve your problem...sign up for the kettlebell course without fear. haha Then if Seahawks somehow survive, you'll just be extra happy, and much fitter.


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Whether the Seahawks click or cluck, the ROI of the SFG course is assured and personal.

You are right to consider the difference.

Millions of your peers will worship that game and know more about some of the players stats than they know about themselves.

I am not against professional sports; I choose to spend more time developing/improving my own life than following someone else's.

All in good fun.

Keep swinging!



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I don't follow the NFL but I can understand your dilemma.

If it were Liverpool playing the final of the Champions League I would not know what to do.


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Yeah, I'm thinking I might do the one in Modesto the following weekend. I'm gonna be fried that Sunday anyways from competing in an Olympic Weightlifting competition on February 6, so even without it conflicting with the Super Bowl, the following weekend probably works better, tho less convenient.


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first world problems? ;)
World wide, just that everywhere except the US it is World Cup (soccer or "real football") that is the issue. I recently lived in Ecuador for 18 months and there is was full week of "Football first, with beer of course, then family and friends with beer and music, and then, if there is time....some work."


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So, I check with the wife and here is the plan...

We are going to drive up to Modesto on the evening of February 12th and stay in a hotel. She will spend the day with the kids on the 13th while I attend the SFG KB course. At the end of the seminar we are off to Monterey to spend the rest of the 3-day weekend (including Valentine's Day).

I love it when everything comes together (and having a very understanding wife)!


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Even if they do make it, you shouldn't watch.

TB12 and company will make for another miserable spring.
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