WTH Effect During PQT Testing For Police!!


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Hey Everyone, It has been awhile since I posted and I felt this was post worthy! Yesterday I took the Physical Test for the Police and destroyed it. I have not done much training outside of Kettlebells Barbells and Body weight in quite some time, except for the occasional jog mainly to get ready for the physical testing. Needless to say I was in better shape then most of the candidates, but during the course is where it really hit me.

We began the course by climbing over a wall, which I never do. Because of the tactical pull ups I do daily, in training for the TSC, I flung myself over the wall and nearly over did it. Sprinted through the cones, jumped over a 5 foot ditch with ease, I actually caught myself smiling a couple times because of the ease! The final obstacle was a 165 LB dummy drag, again I have never trained in this but with my kettlebell training and deadlift training I did not have a problem. I hoisted the dummy up and almost flung it over my shoulders and ran backwards with it like I was carrying in the groceries! I finished the course in 2 minutes, it needed to be completed in under 2 minutes and 45 seconds.

Just goes to show how much the Strongfirst system transfers to not only other lifts but for tactical and daily use! Thanks Strongfirst for the constant motivation to train and better my self on a daily, monthly and yearly basis. Next Obstacle for me will be the written test, wish me luck!!
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