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So I did my usual (on-the-minute) 10x10 swings (1h 32kg) and when I was done with the last set, an inner voice said "well that was a nice warm up for get ups". I fully expect next practise to be horrible, that's usually how it goes with me. But it was very nice to just feel energized for the TGU, i.e. "warmed up". And I thought that it is a good, but very fuzzy, benchmark: When you start to feel light after a practise or a part of a practise that used to be hard, then you are 1) on the right track, in line with the idea of the S&S program and 2) starting to get ready to move up in practise bell (along with the other rules that applies of course). I know that that feeling is what Pavel describes in the book, but he seems to gloss over, that there will be a period, where you don't feel energized after your practise, but have to suffer through it, but if you have patience and determination (and don't get hurt) you should come out on the other side and actually feel lighter after your practise. I assume Pavel and S1 instructors know this, but it seems to get lost in translation at times. Am I wrong in that assumption?
TL;DR: S&S practise should end up give more than it takes, but this takes time, and there will be a period of suck before this happens.

Colby Pitre

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I know I feel energized after my practice sessions. I go my whole day wondering if S&S is the right program for my goals. Then I go to my garage and do my S&S session and feel pumped up. Something about doing those swings and getups just gets me energized.


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@Colby Pitre funny you say that, I tend to go through the same without actually realising it!
Seing your post actually gave me a bit of an epiphany (a WTH moment so to speak) ROFL
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