WTH Warmup additions to S&S that worked for me


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Hi all,

I want to offer something that I use before S&S that greatly improves perceived form and groove in the swing and any squats. At least it does for me.

Hip alignment:
I do this once or twice per month, whenever I notice any slight uneasyness in the knees during a goblet squat or swing while warming up.

Barbell Glute Bridge:
Pavel's recommendation in the S&S book is great, but I personally like to give it even more emphasis and use more weight. An empty barbell at 20kg (44lb) for 20 reps does the trick.
Some do them with bands or with a resting dumbbell too.

Banded Shoulder Dislocates:
I prefer these to halos now.

Foam Rolling:
Rolling the back and glutes (specifically piriformis) removes tightness and prevents muscle knots.
During the Swings the perceived flexibility and mobility increases with this.

Hope that that is interesting for some of you.
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