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A little background, my father in law and I have been training kettlebells consistently for the past 2 years. We started on the journey together working out in my garage. We found Strong First pretty early on and are now die hards lol. I’d say 80% of our training has been S&S with the rest being complexes, ladders and other cool stuff we see online. During those 2 years we made some nice gains, went from doing swings and get ups with a 24kg to 40 kg. Earlier this summer before I got injured we both maxed our TGU with The Beast.
My father in law transports logs from the mountains and is usually gone all week during peak season, during this time he visits the local commercial gyms.
Recently during one of his workouts at a commercial gym he was able to bench press 100# double dumbbells for 6 reps. Here’s the WTHE part, he hasn’t been training with heavy dumbbells for the past 2 years and when he was training with heavy dumbbells, he was never able to do the 100# dumbbells for reps.
My father in law is mostly Spanish speaking and i suck at translating SF principles to him, but he was telling my this in utter disbelief. The whole time i was smirking and thinking yup, that’s a WTHE moment.
He just turned 51 and is nearly double my age, so it’s super motivating to have him as a training partner.

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@Sergio, I encourage your father-in-law to follow our Spanish-language Facebook page - just search for StrongFirst en Espanol. (Note that it's not "Español" because Facebook doesn't allow diacritical marks in page names.) You'll find many recent articles from our web site translated into Spanish there.

And congratulations to your father-in-law on his WTH moment, and to you for encouraging him and training with him.

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