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I am really loathe to post this but I will anyway:

Anytime Fitness - Get Moving

Somebody with credentials needs to contact these gym owners and tell them that their rack position is hardly correct. I have no idea what else they are teaching that is incorrect. But I don't want to see people go into a gym, hurt themselves and say "kettlebells gave me a separated shoulder".


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My Mother recently bought some crappy kb's to try and strengthen her legs for skiing. I almost had a stroke when I saw the picture instructions on how to swing. It was literally a squat and front raise. I meant to write to the company and this reminded me to do it.


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Aww...I like Anytime.

Mostly for the free shower at any of their gyms when I'm out traveling. I suspect their trainers have no training... I went there on Saturday to do some groundwork and there were two girls in a row doing similar exercises off a sheet of paper with the really crappy form. I ended up teaching the second girl to hold her spine in neutral and hip hinge because I felt bad for them.

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