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Someone is selling this on Facebook for $150. He says its hardly used and in good condition, and two hours away. Too good to be true? I am not used to buying second-hand from strangers like this. I never used craiglist for example. Anyways, go for it? Is it good for DLs and BPs and Squats? Looks like it is a multi-purpose bar.

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I've been using that as my primary training bar for years now (6 or 7 I think). I really like it. Works well for everything. It is fairly stiff (but not as stiff as a power bar). I load it with over 500 lb on the squat rack with minimal deflection. Also, the bar is bare steel (no coating or chrome), which I love. Not very whipped if you are into olympic lifts.

I recommend it. I think I paid about $250 for mine brand new, several years ago. Before I bought it I did a lot of research on barbells (because I only wanted to buy 1) and I convinced myself this was the best option.


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