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I finished reading OS Performance Next Level. I was hoping it would give instruction on some of the exercises listed in the chart posted a couple of replies up like scary baby rolls, half rolls, and lego rocking but that is not the case. I found some of them on youtube but am still looking for some of them. Is there a resource that has all of these?
Same here.

I am fanboy of OS. My personal favourite is OS Performance the Next Level. I didn't really like Habitual Strength.

However, I love the resets and the philosphy behind it and I like reading the blog posts and watching the youtube vids, so I am happy to support them by buying the books.


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In the process of reading OS performance next level, I seem to revisit OS every year on the run up to Xmas. For the moment I'm dropping LSS in favour of OS crawls so I'll see how it goes. I find the YouTube channel a gold mine.the problem as always is fitting it around Kettlebells, Gym, BJJ work, family etc...I keep revisiting OS but I've never really applied in a consistent fashion.

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Btw: Has anyone bought this video course? Watch An Intro to Pressing RESET by Original Strength Online | Vimeo On Demand

It is an introduction to the 5 resets, 39 minutes. I am curious how much is included. The trailer is looking good, I think.
As a “Pro” Level OS Coach I am biased but I have the video and recommend it. It, and the Book “Pressing Reset, Original Strength Reloaded” provide a solid foundation for the resets. The free You Tube videos can provide more variety in the “Big 5” resets than anyone will ever need.

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