Your kettlebell press/push press/snatch/jerk/clean ratios

Discussion in 'Kettlebell' started by jerk80kg, Oct 12, 2017.

  1. jerk80kg

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    I would like to know your kettlebell press/push press/snatch/jerk/clean ratios or 1RM for that matter. Also your height&weight - if not a secret. :)
    Is snatch 24kg and jerk 32kg normal ratio?
    How do you feel these translate to dumbbells since there is more swing from hips?

    Thank you
  2. Mark Kidd

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    Depends on the person. What their focus has been. What they have natural ability towards. For example, my swing is something that takes forever to build. My getup goes up much much quicker. I could easily see me having a 32+ kg getup and being 20-24kg with my swings. Someone else could be the opposite. Someone else could be 32kg swing and 32 kg getup and they both progress equally.
  3. Denny Phillips

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    This will be an interesting read for me considering that there are imbalances that I must work through, although I suspect I'm not alone. Swings at 32kg are not an issue and I feel as though my swing technique is good. Certainly I could use the eye of a SFG to spot flaws. I have pressed the 32 as well but I didn't consider it to be strict enough. OTOH, my get-ups are a major concern. I feel confident with 16kg and even completed a 20kg, but there is much work to be done. The thought of 5x1 with a 20 is a non-starter. I am 6'6", 238 with a wing span slightly wider than my height. After years of throwing footballs as a defensive back coach I have mobility concerns with my right shoulder that I am working on. The get-ups have helped a lot, but I still question whether I will ever be able to advance much in them. Because of the right shoulder I hesitate to comment on snatch weight. My left arm execution seems solid with a 24kg with the right arm not being up to par due to the inability to get the right bicep close enough to my ear when the arm is extended. The result is concentration on S&S and Goblet Squats with conservative get-ups. I guess it's about the journey. I apologize for not directly addressing jerks, etc but discussing some of various factors that influence success or lack thereof is of interest to me. There are activities for which being bigger can be an advantage and some for which it can be a relative impediment.
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  4. Mark Limbaga

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    my best ever double press was double 32s..

    best double push press with heels raised was double 36 4 reps..

    best double jerk was double 36 for 3 reps

    best double clean and jerk for reps was 28s for 10

    for reference: I weigh anywhere from 66-68kg
  5. Sauli

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    My one arm press is about 36kg, one arm jerk is 44-48kg, tgu 32kg.
    I have done 37,5kg dumbbell snatches in past. I weight 104kgs and I’m 193cm tall. It’s about 6,4 in US system.
    I compete in kb marathons, so my jerk/lc is much better than press.
  6. Riley O'Neill

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    As far as doubles I can't tell you. Aside from two 45 pound weights I own all singles. I don't know what my true 1RM is for anything, but the heaviest bell I have is 40kg and I can safely one arm swing it (although I prefer to use 32kg) and give it the ole TGU. I tried a push press and it 'sort' of worked but was not safe. I don't practice this drill. Gun to my head and I can do it, but its not something I will voluntarily do at this point. I have snatched, pressed, jerked, and push pressed 32kg.

    The ratio I am finding I am the weakest in is the bottoms up press, which is like 16kg and baaarely 20kg.

    33 5'10" 185lbs (KBs are weighed in kilograms but Americans are still weighed in pounds).
  7. damogari

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    My press is kinda good, but my hinge is far behind, I am not well balanced. For example I think that I am close to pressing 48+48 but cant swing or clean them.

    36 snatch
    48 swing, get up, jerk, press, clean, bent press

    28+28 snatch
    40+40 swing, press, clean, jerk

    I am 108kg/240lb at 185cm/6'1".
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  8. Glen

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    Very interesting to see the variance. I'm 5'6" and weigh around 85kg. Short limbs long torso

    TGU 51KG
    STRICT PRESS 40kg x 5
    SNATCH 48kg
    CLEAN - not sure, probably do a 56kg but don't have a big enough bell

    For me this shows my hips are way stronger than my upperbody
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  9. wespom9

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    Wow, I would imagine that is very uncommon. I swing the 24kg with "relative ease" but can barely press twice with the left arm. Four to five on the right.

    As for ratios - I can jerk a 24 kg, single arm, for 5 reps for multiple sets with minor issues. Push Press, 5x on the left is tough.
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  10. Kettlebelephant

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    I made the same mistake when I first read it. Read carefully, he says he can't clean or swing double 48s. Swinging a single Beast isn't a problem for him.

    Just never tried more or is it truly the heaviest you can snatch?
    I'm asking because the heaviest I ever snatched was 36, but I think I would be able to snatch 40 for 2-3 reps. I just don't want to try, because I don't feel too confident about the 40.

    The TGU is way too light. Not that it's unhealthy or anything, but if you really can't get up with more than 32 while at the same time being able to support a lot more weight during ballistics (44-48 Jerk, ~38 Snatch) hints at imbalances or weak points somewhere.
    Usually the TGU is the strongest or very close to the strongest lift and even though you practice the Jerk a lot, the discrepancy between your Jerk and TGU shouldn't be that big. Also the snatch and press to TGU ratio is off - a support like the TGU should always be stronger than an "active movement" like the press or snatch.
    You learn to control and stabilize a weight through the TGU and groove your hip hinge through the swing first. Then you add arm-movement to it with the press. Only after you mastered (overhead-) stabilization, arm-movement and the hip hinge you combine all of those three and start to work on snatches***.
    In other words "don't put something overhead with speed and momentum that you can't get there slowly and under control". That's how it's done in the SFG and RKC.
    That way your TGU should naturally be stronger than your press and snatch. Snatch and press are about the same.
    No offense, just pointing out something you or others with similar ratios might want to address in your training :)

    ***see Enter the Kettlebell. You start with TGUs and swings in the PM. Then it's C&P and swings during the RoP and only a small portion (the light day) is reserved for practicing the snatch.

    For me:
    TGU - 48
    Jerk - 48
    PP - 44-48 (never really tested)
    Press - 40
    Snatch - 36 (probably 40)
    Clean - 48
    These are all truly heavy for me. Subtract 4Kg off of each to get the weights I feel 100% confident with.
    Height & weight: 6'4/194cm, 205lbs/93Kg
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  11. jerk80kg

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    Some very strong people here. :)

    Ratios are very interesting. Maybe this reflects big gaps in kettlebell weights or people just don't own that many kettlebells or people train mainly for reps?
    Would be nice to know snatch/jerk, press/TGU etc ratios for kettlebells. I am pretty sure someone from Russia has such data collected over years?

    Barbell/dumbbell ratios relative to snatch/press (from web) are approximately:
    oly barbell snatch=1; oly barbell clean & jerk=1,22;
    press=1; push press=1,4; snatch (power snatch)=1,46 (1,2); jerk (power jerk)=1,77 (1,6); clean (power clean)=1,8 (1,5);

    Using this ratios:
    press 24kg, push press 32kg, snatch 32kg (28kg), jerk 42kg (40kg), clean 42kg (36kg)
    press 20kg, push press 28kg, snatch 28kg (24kg), jerk 36kg (32kg), clean 36kg (32kg)

    Some calculations till now:






    TGU 32 20 32 48 51 48
    SWING 24 48
    PRESS 32 32 36 48 46 40
    PUSH PRESS 48 44
    JERK 36 48 48 48
    SNATCH 24 38 36 48 40
    CLEAN 48 56 48
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  12. damogari

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    Thats right, I can swing 48 for a few reps but two Beasts are not flying that high that I would call it a swing. I can press double 40s 3-5 times but I am not sure I am able to swing them more than 2-3 times.
    Never tried. I did a few reps with 36 on the gym when 32 wasnt available one time. Same with 32+32 double snatch - I think that I can do them but they will be ugly. I think that I could snatch or "squat snatch" 40kg, but I didnt tried it yet. I am little sceptical about finding 1RM with ballistics movements, too much risk.
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  13. Maine-ah KB

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    my best strict press is 24 for 3
    pushpress 28
    jerk 32
    clean and jerk 28
    my snatch technique is pretty bad so an uncomfortable 24kg
    swings TGU both 32kg, they developed more or less at the same rate.
  14. Sauli

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    @Kettlebelephant Reason why my get ups is weaker is because it’s much newer movement for me. I have done jerks, presses etc many years, but I did my first get ups in january.. these days I do only light (20/24kg) get ups as a warmup. Focus is on kettlebell sport these days. Week ago I actually competed in kettlebell marathon. I did 30min oalc with 22kg and got 278 reps. I have no proplems with overhead stability/lockout so Propably my get up is weaker because lack of training the movement. No offense taken. :)
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  15. Bajzath

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    64 kg bodyweight, 168 cm height
    TGU: 44 kg
    Clean: 56 kg
    Press: 36 kg
    Jerk: 48 kg
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  16. rkoo

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    Here's my weights that I can do multiple reps with, haven't tested 1 RM in other than strict pressing. Also my heaviest bell is 40 kg.

    183 cm, ca 85 kg
    Strict press: 32 kg one bell or 2x32 kg. 1 RM 36 kg.
    push press: 40 kg or 2x32 kg
    snatch: 32 kg
    jerk: 40 kg or 2x32 kg
    clean: 40 kg or 2x32 kg
    Front squat: 2x32 kg
    TGU: 40 kg
    Bent press: 40 kg
    Simple and Sinister: 32 kg on time if given a week or two, 40 kg for practice.
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  17. Mirek

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    So you clean almost your BW with one hand. That's awesome!
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