Your program is a book

Bro Mo

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Thought of programs today like they were each a book. I don't read multiple books at one time - a chapter of this one, a chapter of that one, etc. I either read it in full or if I'm just not that into it, I will stop reading it. Some books, I read more than once, maybe even taking notes in the margins to get more from it each time. Each book is its own and I get something different from each one and I suspect each reader does the same. I offer this analogy for anyone with temptation to combine programs by doing two days of this, two days of that, and two days of something else - read one book at a time, then read another or reread a classic.


Quadruple-Digit Post Count
I like the analogy too very much. Some books are to be just skimmed over (entertainment). Some books needs to be ready very slow (philosophy for e.g.) and be given its due and respect. Ditto for the training programs.
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