Z-Health and strength - any experiences?


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Hello everyone

Does anyone have any experience with Z-health in terms of strength training?

I have a lot of old injuries on my left side (Broken: ankle, leg, shoulder, collar bone) and while it doesn't produce pain or seem to affect me or my training, I thought I'd do a left/right  'audit' and correct any imbalances before I started to lift very heavy things (I thought about FMS, but couldn't find a practitioner in my country (Denmark)).

I've found a Z-Health practitioner whom I otherwise trust and am now working on micro-deficiencies in terms of joint mobility in my shoulder and ankle, which probably can't hurt. Hasn't blown my mind either, though.

Any experiences, opinions, thoughts, suggestions for other things... everything is welcome and appreciated.





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Z became popular in the RKC community several years ago, before SF existed.  Since there were several names I respected getting into it and saying good things about it, I decided to give it a try.  I don't remember what it was called, but I bought the basic correctives course and began practicing the movements.  I didn't think I was getting much out of it so I sought out instruction from an advanced Z trainer.  The trainer worked with me and basically told me that I had been doing it correctly.  I worked with it for a little while longer before I gave it up as a waste of time.  As many people as there are that swear by it, it must be providing benefit, but for whatever reason, I just never really got it.  I haven't lost any respect for the ones who promote it and believe in it.  If you are receiving benefit from it, then power to you.  I probably won't try it again.

Jason Ginsberg

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I got nothing out of it, and none of the people I know saw much from it. I think you're better off going to the things it was based on instead. That having been said, there's much worse out there, and it's unlikely to do harm (unlike many things I've seen trainers do), so if you want to give it a shot, go ahead. But if you try it for a while and it's not working, I would move on and do something else.


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Geoff went down the rabbit hole, climbed back out, and co-wrote Original Strength.  Think like a baby.


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Thank you Jeffrey and Jason - I'm beginning to fear I'm in that same category of high input -> low output.

Thank Matt for the link to the thread: very relevant.

Bill: I'm sorry, I have no idea what that refers to :)


Kai Johnson

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My experiences with Z Health are pretty much contained in my post in the thread linked by Matt. It seems to work for some people but not others. Aside from that the material as presented in the original R phase and Neural Warmup packages was....lacking. This is something that was acknowledged by people in Z Health. You basically HAD to find a trainer to learn how to do it correctly.

Bill...lol! I forgot about that one. At times my aggressiveness on the forums has led me to embarrass myself, especially back at the DD forums, but that one worked out pretty well.

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Ulirik, a lot of people I respect find value in the approach you're asking about.  If it helps you, use it, and if it doesn't, look for something else.

A Functional Movement Screen is worth making a trip to have done but, that said, the FMS web site finds four  people for me, one each in Varde and Aarhus, and two in Aalborg.  I just went to Find a Certified Member, then put Denmark in the search box and clicked "Go."



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Steve: thank you - I had only googled and found nothing. Didn't know you could use the main website to find practitioners.


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Slow, gentle, somatic focused movement has benefits. I don't think its necessary to buy the material from z-health. You can look up intu-flow for free on youtube, which is similar to z-health, except it explained in terms of joint health and tissues, i.e. synovial fluid, instead of the optimization of the nervous system . You can also find Feldenkrais audio lessons online for free. If you feel like you need to get a massage frequently or something, doing this kind of active/analgesic movement is likely better use of your time and money. 


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z-health is powerful.

i've been to one guy who does z-health and it was a waste of time.  i know another who works through z-health and i drive 300 miles to see him every chance i get.


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Kai, Spence, Daniel: thanks for chipping in. I guess there is no real conclusion on this, but good to hear that it does work wonders for some.

Michael Corrales

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> I’ll take “Beatdowns Issued By Kai Johnson” for a thousand, Alex.

That's awesome Bill.  A blast from the past :]

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