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just curious what people here think of z-health and if you are interested to share your experiences with it? it is not so popular.  in fact z-health and its creator dr. cobb don't even have a page on wikipedia(!?) but it brings a new perspective of focusing on the brain in training which seems pretty cool, to me at least.

Steve Freides

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Daniel, I can speak only from my own experience but I have learned good and valuable things from  z.   My main exposure comes from a former Senior instructor in our program who put out a DVD that incorporated both z and hard style principles.   In my own training, the things I've learned from z function as warmups, cool downs, and joint health work.


Michael Corrales

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Z is still a mystery to me even though I've experimented with it for a couple years + now.  But I have to say that there is something there.  I'll continue to experiment.  But not at the expense of trying to get stronger using principles like what Pavel teaches that I better understand and have definitely gained from.


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I use z-health to improve my joint health ands incorporate it into every practice / workout in warmups and also as correctives sprinkled throughout the practice.   Its revitalized my T-spine and hips and has allowed me to touch my toes and squat butt to the ground.



Geoff Neupert

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Daniel - I was VERY involved with Z-Health from 2006-2010.  (As was my wife, a Doctor of Physical Therapy. She was in their Master Trainer program.) We no longer use it.

Michael Corrales

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"Absorb what is useful, reject what is useless and add what is specifically your own"

Thought it through and this is now my approach to Z and other things on the "fringe".

There is something there with Z for me.  Just got to separate what works from what does not per Sifu Bruce's sentiment  :]


Gary Music

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Interesting comment by Geoff.  :)



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geoff perhaps you've written about this in the past and can link me?

michael, whether something is on the FRINGE or not is irrelevant.  strongfirst is very fringe compared to tnation, or planet fitness.  in fact if something is not FRINGE, and something is MAINSTREAM, that is the time to be careful.

Jason Ginsberg

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My problem with z-health, paraphrasing a remark attributed to Samuel Johnson, is that there are parts of it that are good, and parts of it that are original, but the parts that are original are not good, and the parts that are good are not original.

You'd be better off going to the various sources z "borrowed" from, and other systems that simply do the same thing as z, but better. Note also that z is developed from practices originally published by Scott Sonnon, under various names including intuflow and prasara yoga.  Scott has put most of this stuff up on youtube for free, so you can explore it without having to pay for the overpriced z manual and dvd.
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