Zerchers=Better Hinge. Why?

Sean Schniederjan

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Just like probably everyone else here, been doing the Zsq lately and feeling strong.

In his article, Pavel mentioned they will improve your DL.  After doing zerchers once a week for 3 weeks I randomly took the double 32s for a ride and set a WTH double snatch PR.  They felt like toys.  I think its the heavy zerchers.

Any hinge after a few sets of Zerchers feels way stronger.  Part of that is overload, but I think part of it is the movement and loading of the zercher, it almost feels like a hinge/squat hybrid.  It is different from a double KB front squat but can't articulate it.

Maybe the load is lower, like in a deadlift, whereas a front squat the load is higher up.

Biomechanicians (or something) please chime in with analysis.

Thanks Pavel for suggesting this excellent lift.

Steve B.

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Like you mentioned you can load the hips with greater weight.Depending on how you do them they can be almost entirely hip hinge than squat.I have done these from the bottom up in a power rack which allow a good set up position either more upright squating style or hips back with a slight knee bend for a hip dominate style.You really create alot of tension like the strat of a deadlift.You can really over load the hips depending on what pin height you select to start from.Obvoiusly the higher you start the more weight you can handle.You might call the double KB front squat a high zercher squat style as you have to stay fairly upright our you'll dump the KB's.This style would be a more quad dominate with less of a hip emphasis .With a barbell you can hug the bar closer to the body,that allows greater control of the work load.That's my two cents.
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