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I was wondering if anyone can chime in on this supplement?  The pros/cons of taking it.  Personal experiences.  I have heard mention of it several times by Dan John in some of his writing.  Then earlier today I heard someone mention it helps with natural testosterone production.  I already take chelated magnesium (for sleep/400-500mg.)  would just adding zinc supplementation be the same as taking ZMA?


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Not sure what the other thread contained, but ZMA has been pretty thoroughly thrashed as a supplement:

Doug Descant

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wow feeble fatigued brain read ZIMA.  clicked on it thinking this has got to be the most random post on the SF forum ...Zima sucks too btw.

Michael Corrales

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Currently use Swanson's Magnesium Oil and really like it for relaxation, sleep aid.  Great price from them. Have probably gone through ~7 bottles now and plan to keep using it.

Have tried ZMA in the past.  Probably have purchased and taken ~5 bottles over a few years.  Seems to help for sleep sometimes for me.  Seems to be more "hit and miss" than straight magnesium oil. I like it...but don't have much great, factual stuff to say about it.

Have been wondering about Mike Mahler's recovery oil which is a combination of magnesium, zinc, MSM in oil form.  My experience is that Mike's supplements are really top quality.  But the recovery oil is much more expensive than straight Swanson's magnesium oil.  Would love to hear anyone's experiences with Mike's recovery oil too.


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Mike, try the magnesoothe, you can get a 1/2 gallon for $64 and free shipping.

Love Mahler, he's had the most influence on me than anyone, but I'm just in it for the magnesium oil  Tried 3 bottles of his t-booster, just to see what would happen.  Nothing, probably more of a placebo.


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