Happy StrongFirst New Year: What I Learned in 2015

Not long ago, a question was posed on our Facebook page. The question was simple: “What is the best thing you have learned this year?” This lesson could be learned from an article, social media post, book, video, forum, course, or certification, or through a personal experience from one of our awesome instructors.

The responses were overwhelming. As I took time to read them, it made me so proud to be part of this community. It made me realize just how many lives StrongFirst had improved over the course of 2015 and how passionate people are when they talk about these improvements.

As I read these answers, I realized I needed to answer the question myself. I knew my answer right away, but didn’t know how best to express it. I decided to answer this question on the StrongFirst blog in hopes to broadcast this message to members of our community who are not on Facebook.

What is the best, coolest, most impactful thing I’ve learned this year? Where and how did I learn it?

I’ve read all of our articles, a lot of our social media posts, and many of our books. I’ve watched a lot of our videos, discussed things on our forum, attended quite a few Certifications, and even had the opportunity to get personal instruction from some of you. Through all of this, I learned or re-learned the following:

1. The StrongFirst System Really Is Great

StrongFirst has improved lives all over the world, mine included. How does it improve lives? By making people stronger. Life is always better when you have the strength to overcome the resistance, mental or physical, thrown at you along the way.

StrongFirst - Pavel Teaching2. We Are All Students

I’ve been practicing my technique for a long time. I thought my Turkish get-ups were perfectly dialed in. But after receiving coaching at a few of our Certifications, I realized that was not true. I went back to the drawing board and my get-ups are now better for it. Without the “student attitude,” this wouldn’t have been possible. I’ve had the opportunity to attend a lot of events. I learn something new every time.

StrongFirst Coaching and Instruction3. PEOPLE are the Strength of the StrongFirst Community

This is the most important and most impactful thing I’ve learned all year. As great as our system is, and as important as it is to always be learning, these are nothing without the people of this community.

Our system won’t improve anyone’s life without PEOPLE like you to spread it. Students can’t learn without PEOPLE to teach them. From the most recent person to attend a one-day course to our Chief Instructors, the PEOPLE of this community are amazing. They inspire me each day. It’s an honor to be a part of the StrongFirst Team.

StrongFirst 2015 CommunityI’ve learned this before, in the military. People (teammates) are more important than strategy or planning. The best strategies and most brilliant plans are NOTHING without people who execute. With good people (a Strong Team), you can succeed greatly with very little planning or strategy. Of course, you do want a good strategy, but you need good people first. Otherwise your planning is a waste of time.

StrongFirst continues to grow because of the people of this community. Your professionalism and passion draw others to us. Your knowledge and ability to teach helps them become Strong…First.

To a Strong 2016

As I reflect on 2015 and the lessons it provided, I’m humbled by the opportunity to be a part of the StrongFirst community. I’m also thankful to have so many great people at every different level of the StrongFirst Team.

StrongFirst communityI am excited for 2016 and the sheer number of people we will be able to reach with our system. What excites me most is thinking about the number of these lives we will improve.

Here’s to improving lives by making people stronger.

Strength. Honor. Team.

Eric Frohardt
Eric Frohardt is a former US Navy SEAL who used the StrongFirst system to prepare for rigorous combat deployments and other adventures. Eric is a former CEO of StrongFirst and currently the COO for Defy (www.drinkdefy.com), a performance products company. Most importantly, he is a husband and father who enjoys staying strong enough to live life to the fullest and enjoy his hobbies.

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